Want a list of local studios that provide childcare? Read on….

I have mad respect for Cincinnati families working to keep wellness as a priority. My friends with kids would say that behind the scenes is a different story. Mama self-care, especially fitness, always seems to land on the back burner. With an endless amount of workout options, but not NEARLY enough time or energy, what’s […]

We're not great at dancing, and we still love this class…

It was a cold, rainy, January morning in Cincinnati – it was one of those mornings when it feels like your bed is literally whispering your name.   I was about to check out a DANSATION (dance fitness) class led by Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer Rachelle James of RJ Fitness & Nutrition… and […]

Are you afraid of lifting weights? Read about RTS

I love listening to people talk about their passions. There is something incredibly inspiring about watching someone’s eyes light up as they share what sets their soul on fire. For Kevin Kist, his passion is actually his business (living the dream, right?!) …Risk to Succeed Barbell.   RTS Barbell is a strength gym located in […]