EVOLVE: A Restorative Career Workshop for Health and Wellness Professionals

Before I met with Ashley Solomon, I read her “My Story” page on her website. I should have filmed it because my little brunette head was nodding quicker than my husband’s ugly Ohio State bobblehead. Female empowerment. System-level change. Personal ownership over that change. Freeing women from the negative cycle of body shaming and disordered eating. […]

What Are Your Feet Telling You? Reflexology with Lillian's Holistic Center

There are 7,000 nerve endings in each of your feet. Seven thousand. And these nerves correspond to every organ and system within your body. Mind. Blown.   I had the opportunity to visit Janice of Lillian’s Holistic Journey’s home treatment center where she introduced me to Reflexology. Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an […]

Logan Armstrong of Flourish Ayurveda: Transformational Healing

  “I’ve always had a fearless disposition. I will go do anything, anywhere, if I feel drawn to it.”   After spending a short time at college in Charleston, transferring to a triage school outside of Asheville, and completing her yoga teacher immersion training at 21 years old, Logan Armstrong (then Brookbank) knew where she […]

Johnny Pasquale: The First Person To Get Us To A CrossFit Gym

We heard about Johnny Pasquale after we had friend recommend him as a challenging, knowledgeable fitness coach. OK totally kidding, we found him on Instagram doing freakish things in the gym. He makes a box jump look like a skip. If you need proof, check out his Instagram.     Johnny is the head coach at […]

Eat, Drink, and be Dairy with Dietitian Lisa Andrews

Registered Dietitians often get a bad rap, I know that because I am one! Let’s face it, we love to eat our fruits and veggies, we love science, we get really excited about new kitchen appliances and sneaking vegetables into unexpected recipes, you get the idea. We’re basically the worst. While my friends no longer […]

Listening To Your Heart; Then Doing The WORK: Abby Siemer

If you’ve taken a class at DEFINE Oakley or been to a Bengals game in the last few years, odds are you’ve experienced the positive and strong energy of Abby Siemer. A dancer, leader, instructor, and master trainer (among many other things!), this powerhouse has humbly earned some impressive accomplishments in the Cincinnati fitness community […]

A Nourished Life Requires Self-Care: Meet Anti-Diet Dietitian Kaitlin Bolt-Lovett

Let’s date back to Sophomore year of high school (don’t freak out). One of the cool girls at school decided to just not show up one day and instead, packed her bags for Cali to pursue her synchronized swimming career. This is the last time I’d seen or heard from Kaitlin Bolt-Lovett. That is, until we […]