The Collagen Craze: Protein Supplements & Benefits

Collagen has long been associated with the beauty world. For a while now, collagen-boosting ingredients have been included in serums, creams, and masks. In recent years, collagen has made an even bigger appearance in the food world as a supplement, powder, bar, and even coffee creamer. So, what’s the deal? Is collagen necessary? Is it […]

What Are Your Feet Telling You? Reflexology with Lillian's Holistic Center

There are 7,000 nerve endings in each of your feet. Seven thousand. And these nerves correspond to every organ and system within your body. Mind. Blown.   I had the opportunity to visit Janice of Lillian’s Holistic Journey’s home treatment center where she introduced me to Reflexology. Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an […]

Want a list of local studios that provide childcare? Read on….

I have mad respect for Cincinnati families working to keep wellness as a priority. My friends with kids would say that behind the scenes is a different story. Mama self-care, especially fitness, always seems to land on the back burner. With an endless amount of workout options, but not NEARLY enough time or energy, what’s […]

Charcoal Pedicures at Mitchell's Salon & Day Spa for the Win

Charcoal is becoming more and more prevalent in the health and wellness industry. We’ve tried charcoal in a number of ways now so we were pretty intrigued when we heard about the new charcoal pedicure offering at Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa. We headed over a few weeks ago and got some much needed R+R. […]

I Gave up Goals for New Years: 'Atomic Habits' Book Review

Tell me I’m not the only one: I’m over the whole “new year resolutions” game.   Maybe you wake up on January 1st each year brimming with optimism, but I find myself wrestling with some weird feelings at the start of the year. It’s far too easy to fall into the comparison trap while scrolling […]

CSOB is a Social Enterprise–So, what does that mean?

We’ve posted this statement before. We’re a social enterprise. But, unless you work in the social sector, or work for Flywheel you probably don’t know what the heck that actually means. Well, read on, my friend.   The term social enterprise can be challenging to define, in large part because the concept has evolved rapidly […]