Meditation for the Holiday Season

Dude, let’s be real, the holidays can be stressful. No matter how amazing the family, how delicious the food, or how beautiful the decorations, it can be a lot. The hustle, the bustle, the, albeit well-intentioned, benchmark questions—do you have a boyfriend, when the wedding come, will there be a baby next Christmas? Aunt Gale, […]

Current State: How ClassPass Changed My Workout Regimen Forever.

I wasn’t always a fitness studio junkie. In fact, I was perfectly content with belonging to a box gym and taking the occasional pilates and cycling class provided with your membership. It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago and heard about this new app that launched called ClassPass that the obsession began.   To catch […]

Current State. Diet isn’t necessarily a bad word. It’s all about intent.

There are a lot of four letter words I like–wine, cozy, baby, one that starts with f. The list goes on. However, there is one four letter word that I’ve never quite resonated with. The word diet. By definition this seemingly simple word means the kinds of food that a person habitually eats. But in […]

Current State: Give Me All The Fall Athleisurewear

What is it about decreasing temperatures that has me sprinting to the mall? It’s like as soon as that first leaf hits the ground, my credit card pops out, Carbon38 automatically opens on my computer, and I start accidentally driving by Lululemon and Outfit Active a few times a day so it only makes sense […]

Current State: MBSR Teacher Training in the Mountains

Mer here. I’m currently in Sedona, AZ for a 7-day Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher Training. It’s one step (of which many I’ve completed and some I have left) in officially becoming MBSR Teacher Certified. This is a long process that requires multiple week-long out of town trainings, silent retreats, practice teaching, reading, learning, etc. and […]

Sleep I Miss You, Let's Reunite. Tips for Getting Good zzzzzs.

Sleep. It’s important. Like really important for both our mental and physical health. Lately I’ve been skimping on the zzs because, well, life has been crazy. Between late nights working, 6AM workouts, and late night Instagram scrolling (we all do it) my pillow has been missing me, and body has been feeling it.     […]