How to get out of bed for AM workouts: imwithkelly

Advice from Kelly Amshoff Schoenhoft, fitness instructor, lululemon ambassador, motivator, mover and shaker.  I love my bed and I hate mornings. Subsequently I really struggle with morning workouts.  Kelly teaches a lot of morning workouts. One of these is the class Molly and I attended last Wednesday at 6AM @TheLB. Molly showed up 10 minutes early. I was 1 minute late and had […]

Teamwork (and positive energy) make the dream work: Iron Sharpens Iron Personal Training

Alex Harbin everybody. Alex Harbin.   Ex football player turned personal trainer. Lululemon Ambassador. A driver of positivity in the Cincinnati community.    I waltz into the spacious Iron Sharpens Iron gym and am immediately greeted by a booming, enthusiastic voice shouting HEY MOLLAAAYYYY! The stress I walked in with immediately dissipates. I smile from ear to ear. And […]

New Mt. Lookout Restaurant You Want to Know About: Muse

A few weeks ago, Molly and I met for a class at Iron, and then wanted to grab dinner and get some work done.  The list of restaurants with healthy dining options was slim. That’s why we’re pretty amped for Muse, a new spot on Mt. Lookout Square, to open. Think all local ingredients, mason jar salads to-go, kombucha […]

The Feel Good Health Event of November: GOTR 5K

The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report interviewed 10,500 females across 13 countries and found that only 1/5 women have high self esteem. Only 1 in 5. That’s not OK, and it has to change. Girls on the Run(GOTR) is working on it.  GOTR is an international non-profit that coaches young girls to run a while teaching valuable lessons on self-esteem, […]