A Love Letter to Nick Melnyk: CycleStar at CYCLEBAR

  Nick Melnyk is one of the first CycleStars in the great US of A. He has been with CYCLEBAR since they opened up their flagship studio at is a state of the art premium indoor cycling studio CYCLEBAR Rookwood Commons in Norwood. This first location opened in 2014, and since then has grown to over 150 studios […]

B12 Injections: Do you need this voluntary shot?

  Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin. That means that we need appropriate levels to function as humans.  B12 delivers energy and is found in meat, fish, and dairy products, which explains why vegans and vegetarians often need to supplement with oral dosages or shots of B12.  In recent years, B12 shots have become popular […]

Alternative Kitchens on the Rise in the Queen City: Featuring Taylor Nieman of Ungrained Bakery

  Let’s face it. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to not have a dietary restriction. Where as some consider these issues “first world problems”, I think it’s amazing how self-aware our society has become: to eat something and be able to notice how it affects you is a truly remarkable thing. It’s the reason behind the […]

Holiday Season on an Anti-Diet: Laura Dilz

     “Food shouldn’t be something you obsess about. It doesn’t have to cause anxiety. It’s OK to enjoy your favorite foods.”   Laura moved to Cincinnati from Boulder, by way of DC. She swam competitively in college at Rutgers and then the University of Maryland. After finishing her degree in kinesiology, she began coaching […]

A Focus on Form and Education: Ryan Davidson, Cincinnati Premier Training

I am beyond excited to share this feature. The trainers at Cincinnati Premier Training (CPT) are who sparked my excitement and interest in health and fitness some fifteen years ago. I have watched Ryan Davidson grow (literally and figuratively) from an ambitious college student working alongside Josh Burdick and Lou Cassaro to learn the ropes, […]

Sayonara Wine Stains: Hello Charcoal Toothpaste

It’s definitely messy. It’s a little scary. I’m still concerned about whether or not it will stain my white sinks long-term. But gosh darnit, it seems to actually WORK. In case you haven’t heard about the newest craze, we’re talking about using toothpaste containing activated charcoal to naturally whiten, polish, and detox your teeth. Scared to try it? Don’t […]