Trader Joe’s Hacks, As Told By Kayla Hansmann of @CincyFitFoodie

A couple times a year, I meet someone that I deem my “girl crush”. This year, with the interviews and events that come with running this site, I think I’ve hit an all time high. And at the top of that list is local foodie/registered dietitian/fitness instructor, Kayla Hansmann. Kayla and I met serendipitously while enjoying […]

The Top Ten Chemicals in your Skincare to Avoid: EVER Skincare

When it comes to my skincare, I consider myself pretty darn healthy. My diet is mostly clean. I don’t smoke. I apply sunscreen to minimize sun damage. I wash my face regularly and use foundation with SPF (to cover up those blemishes and sun damage from my irresponsible teenage years).   But I just learned […]

Why It's Healthy to be Authentic at Work: Brett Renzenbrink

As I have very little respect for traffic laws, it’s a bit amusing that I’m surrounded by lawyers. My dad, my aunts, my uncles, some close pals, and my fiance all decided to pursue a career in law.  For that reason, I understand the unique challenges that accompany the role. Law is a field founded […]

Build Strength, Blast Cardio, and Stretch it Out, All At It’s Working Out.

Do you ever catch yourself driving by the same spot over and over again and saying “one of these days, I am going to check that place out”?   Between visiting my siblings who live in the Hyde Park area, grabbing a cup of joe at Starbucks, lunching at Green Dog Cafe, or having drinks […]

Less Sugar, Less Calories, More Electrolytes, More Cincinnati: Thirty Drink.

Move over sports drinks, there’s a healthier, Cincinnati grown alternative in town. It’s Thirty Drink. This new bev contains 3x the electrolytes as your average sports drink, 66% less sugar, and has only 30 calories per bottle. Creator, Patrick McGinnis, came up with the concept at his nephew’s soccer game when examining the high sugar […]

The Fitness Franchise That’s Cropping Up Community Across The Country: Burn Boot Camp

Truth: This was a bit of a hike for me. But the way my cousins ranted and raved about the boot camp they were taking up in Mason, I knew I had to make the trip to experience it first hand.   The miles logged in the car were worth it.   Burn Boot Camp […]