Mini Manifestos (And How I got farted on by my Seamstress)

On Friday I took my wedding dress to a seamstress. I stood half naked for an hour as the seamstress rotated between pinning my dress into a undesired french bustle and helping various prom customers who filed in and out while no doubt judging my dirty strapless bra (yes, I was just standing out in […]

Findlay Market Adds A Biergarten With Daily Events, Including Wednesday Night Workouts: "Market Muscles"

If you like shopping local, love Cincinnati, and consider yourself a foodie, then it’s probably safe to assume that Findlay Market is your paradise. If you aren’t familiar with Findlay Market, it’s this city’s only surviving municipal market house from the late 19th/early 20th century. Dating back to 1855, the building has had it’s additions and […]

My Dad Is A Senior Olympian, And Yours Could Be Too: Cincinnati Recreation Commission’s Senior Olympic Games

I have a guest writer this week. His name is Mike McCafferty, age 67, lifelong resident of Cincinnati. He’s the father of three, proud grandparent of six, and a Senior Olympian in Track and Field.   He has always been passionate about fitness and sports. He was a collegiate athlete in Track and Field at […]

Buy Experiences, Not Things. Emily Crosby-Morgan of Live In The Movement

Meriden and I heard that we needed to connect with Emily Crosby-Morgan of Live in the Movement (formerly the “City Skinny”) no less than 5 times when we first launched CSOB. And as soon as we met her, it became so clear why.    We met Emily at Deeper Roots in Oakley (our go-to spot). […]

Making Abs in the Kitchen Just Got Easier With Iron Office Nutrition

You get off work, hit the gym or studio, and are literally near starvation when you realize you have NO food at home. So, you impulsively swing into the first dinner joint you see and order an item off the menu you would never cook for yourself.   Or maybe you missed meal prep day on […]

Reconnecting With Your Body Through Yoga: Good Vibes Tribe Cincinnati

A mom of two. A 9 year old hitting puberty. A high school football player. A college scholar. A 65 year old retired school teacher. What do all these people have in common?   They are all susceptible to developing an eating disorder.   Eating disorders do not discriminate. There are currently 30 million people […]

Take your running to the next level with local Olympian's top tips

“The Olympics?”   “Yes, the Olympics. What is it like to be in the Olympics?”   Long pause.   “Breathtaking. Breathtaking in a number of ways. In one way, it’s so terrifying it takes your breath away. At the same time, it’s breathtaking because the experience is so joyous.”   “Terrifying?”   “Yes. At one […]

Less Shoes, More Plants: Corben Bone with FC Cincinnati

  There’s no question that FC Cincinnati(FCC) is the city’s new sports darling. After meeting with Corben Bone, a team midfielder, it’s easy to see why.  We met at Maplewood where we sipped on roasted brewed beans, exchanged podcast series and book titles, and talked shoe obsessions, fatherhood, the dismal house market (if you’re buying), […]