The new workout Cincinnatians are calling the hardest cardio workout they've had in years.

After just a few months of teaching in Cincinnati Jessica Evans with Dance Factory Fitness already has a following. This fanbase has no qualms expressing love for Jess all over social media.    “The hardest cardio workout I’ve had in years.”    “You forget you’re actually working out.”    “Highly addicting!!”   “It was AMAZING […]

Bounce And All The High Energy Fitness: Found at Body Alive

Webster defines the verb “bounce” as “to rebound or reflect after striking a surface.” A trampoline is especially “bouncy” due to it’s springs that store your kinetic energy as potential energy by stretching, just like a rubber band. And it is the rebound of that energy that, when you strike the net, causes you to bounce […]

Keeping Us Healthy Since 1999: The Cincinnati Sports Club

So, we have the cutest, most talented interns ever who are just as passionate about health and wellness as we are. They have been friends for life, and are now fellow University of Dayton Flyers. Meet Anna and Erin. Having grown up going to the Cincinnati Sports Club in the heart of Cincinnati’s East Side, […]

Top Three Summer Recipes You'll Want to Make Now From Stephanie Murico of @trailmixforthesole

Stephanie Murico is a registered dietitian at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and one of our favorite local food bloggers. She has a blog and corresponding Instagram page called @trailmixforthesole. She, like us, believes food is fuel, but also so much more–a way to gather family, a way to practice rituals and traditions, and a way to […]