What the heck is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? Flourish Psychotherapy

“Therapy is not meant to be forever. I’m constantly asking, how can I give my clients the tools for next time life gets challenging so they have more to pull from.”   Lauren Sharp owns a private mental health practice in the Central Business District where she sees clients that live, work, and play downtown. […]

An Experience Unlike Any Other: Sound Off Cincinnati

Picture this. It’s a Thursday morning at 6am and you’re on a downtown rooftop. It’s almost daybreak, and you are on your yoga mat looking out over the river, the dew settling onto the surface around you. You have headphones on that are giving off sounds of a waterfall and faint, ethereal music. The only voice […]

Want to Actually Learn how to Just Breathe? Click here.

“Breathing is the essence of life. Breathe deeply, live fully.” -Gabriella Goddard   “Just breathe.” I’ve heard this phrase from my parents, from doctors, nurses, strangers, my friends. It is the mantra of well-intentioned bystanders to my anxiety. It is the phrase people tell you when they want to help you calm down but don’t […]

You Are Loved, Capable, Brave And Worthy Of Life: Introducing BND Wellness Wear

Mandy didn’t understand what was wrong with her. Neither did her family. When she came home from college over the holidays, she physically could not leave the house. Her siblings would tease her. “What the heck is wrong with you? Why won’t you just go to the mall with us?” Little did they know, Mandy […]

Let's Talk about Mental Health: 1N5 and the Warrior Run

I worked in the Psychiatric Department at Ohio State for nearly five years on clinical research trials. In any given day I interviewed between 12-15 patients, administering various research scales, and collecting information for the MD who would see the patient next. Every patient, every visit, I administered a scale called the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating […]

Sleep I Miss You, Let's Reunite. Tips for Getting Good zzzzzs.

Sleep. It’s important. Like really important for both our mental and physical health. Lately I’ve been skimping on the zzs because, well, life has been crazy. Between late nights working, 6AM workouts, and late night Instagram scrolling (we all do it) my pillow has been missing me, and body has been feeling it.     […]

Drenched In Sweat In 30 Minutes Or Less: Carter Fitness

I’m all about efficiency. I love the phrase, “biggest bang for your buck.” And I’m all about getting more done in less time. So, when Molly and I started hearing about Carter Fitness’s metabolic class that took just 30-min to reach optimal exhaustion levels, I was was interested.   Carter Fitness opened in March 2014 […]