80 Acres Of Farmland In 7,000 Square Feet of Indoor Space

When I think of 80 Acres of farmland, I think of the Dixie Chicks hit from the nineties “Wide Open Spaces”. It sounds like rows and rows of never ending crop— like a place that only exists far outside the thriving Cincinnati metropolis. But what if I told you it actually exists in a combination of […]

Current State: Give Me All The Fall Athleisurewear

What is it about decreasing temperatures that has me sprinting to the mall? It’s like as soon as that first leaf hits the ground, my credit card pops out, Carbon38 automatically opens on my computer, and I start accidentally driving by Lululemon and Outfit Active a few times a day so it only makes sense […]

Current State: MBSR Teacher Training in the Mountains

Mer here. I’m currently in Sedona, AZ for a 7-day Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher Training. It’s one step (of which many I’ve completed and some I have left) in officially becoming MBSR Teacher Certified. This is a long process that requires multiple week-long out of town trainings, silent retreats, practice teaching, reading, learning, etc. and […]

Calling All Runners–You're going to like this style of Yoga: The Yoga Bar with Sarah Crabtree

We asked Sarah Crabtree, a Yoga Bar instructor, to fill us in on one of Cincinnati’s most popular yoga studios. Read below for her take, and a few words from Mer defining the style of Yoga the Yoga Bar was founded on.        The Yoga Bar was founded 8 years ago by Cincinnati […]