Could Working Out In An Infrared Sauna Be The Next Big Trend?

Saunas are nothing new. I think the first time I ever heard of a sauna was when my dad used to sit in them after a rigorous workout on the stair stepper at the “Nautilus” (how 90’s is that). Saunas are characterized as dark, wooden rooms where dry heat is blasting, heating the air around […]

Building Strong Glutes and Friendships: Mel B. Fit

Some may know her as Mel B. Or @MelB.Fit. Or Mel Bear. Or that stunningly gorgeous fitness instructor that teaches Barrelates at The LB. Her actual name is Melody Bayer, and she is a force to be reckoned with in the Cincinnati fitness community.   Mel teaches Barrelates, a fusion of Barre and Pilates, on Tuesdays, […]

Eight local finds to help your home feel like a yoga studio.

I recently read on Well and Good that 2018 was the year that home decor went “woo, woo.” This basically means we can make our houses look and feel like our yoga studios (aka the most beautiful Yoga Bar in OTR), and it’s cool. Want proof? Home Depot carries salt lamps now. Shit is mainstream. […]

Current State: How ClassPass Changed My Workout Regimen Forever.

I wasn’t always a fitness studio junkie. In fact, I was perfectly content with belonging to a box gym and taking the occasional pilates and cycling class provided with your membership. It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago and heard about this new app that launched called ClassPass that the obsession began.   To catch […]

Cirque du Soleil or Aerial Yoga? Modo Yoga Now Offers Aerial Yoga

A few years ago I was in Vegas for a triple bachelorette party (yep) and we saw Cirque du Soleil. It was really cool. And I thought, wow, that’s something I could never do. Wrong (I mean also very right, but turns out I can swing upside down in hammock). Enter Aerial yoga. For those of […]

It’s not a competition about who feels the shittiest today.

Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about the weather.“Ugh, I’m so over this heat. Isn’t it supposed to be fall?” “I love this time of year. Sweater weather!”   “EHRMAHGERD PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   But here’s the thing. Don’t these people realize that after fall comes…winter? The most dreaded of the seasons, the […]

CoreStrong Covington: A Catch-All For Health And Wellbeing

What is it about working out in a renovated warehouse that feels so badass? It’s like I walk in and instantly feel like my muscle mass increases. Typically, a workout out in a warehouse makes my mind shoot to crossfit, bodybuilding, and the like. So when I walked into CoreStrong Fitness in Covington, I was […]