Are you afraid of lifting weights? Read about RTS

I love listening to people talk about their passions. There is something incredibly inspiring about watching someone’s eyes light up as they share what sets their soul on fire. For Kevin Kist, his passion is actually his business (living the dream, right?!) …Risk to Succeed Barbell.   RTS Barbell is a strength gym located in […]

Individualized Skincare by a local: Pure Beauty Skin Bar

Call us boujee, but we believe most things in life should be individualized. We are not all created the same. Nutrition? Different for everyone. Favorite workout? I like something completely different than Molly. Therapist? You gotta shop around to find the right fit for you.    The odd part is that before recently I never really thought that […]

CSOB is a Social Enterprise–So, what does that mean?

We’ve posted this statement before. We’re a social enterprise. But, unless you work in the social sector, or work for Flywheel you probably don’t know what the heck that actually means. Well, read on, my friend.   The term social enterprise can be challenging to define, in large part because the concept has evolved rapidly […]

RX Celery Juice?

You’ve all seen it. That beautiful cup of vibrant green juice that has swept instagram feeds like wildfire. Hell, people are even posting photos of themself HUGGING giant stalks of celery, and filling ENTIRE grocery carts full of celery. From celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jenna Dewan, Robert De Niro, and James Vanderbeek, millions are buying […]

Listening To Your Heart; Then Doing The WORK: Abby Siemer

If you’ve taken a class at DEFINE Oakley or been to a Bengals game in the last few years, odds are you’ve experienced the positive and strong energy of Abby Siemer. A dancer, leader, instructor, and master trainer (among many other things!), this powerhouse has humbly earned some impressive accomplishments in the Cincinnati fitness community […]

Making Sense of “Green” Cleaning: Where to Start

Only buy organic. Throw away all the plastic in my kitchen. My mattress might be leaking fire retardants. Dryer sheets are the devil. I don’t know if I can trust my skin care, makeup… or tampons. Are these cleaning products going to kill me? …Slightly dramatic?Perhaps. But honestly, these are the thoughts that run through […]

How One Yoga Studio Is Bringing US Closer to Achieving World Peace: World Peace Yoga in Clifton

In my perfect world, I have an inner-peace and tranquility that is unable to be shaken by a traffic-congested morning commute, rude comments, or even by leaving my packed lunch on the kitchen counter while I head off to work empty handed. (Truly a modern-day tragedy.) As hard as I try, I don’t think I’m […]

Cincinnati Functional Fitness: Fitness For Life

The term functional fitness is defined as one’s ability to optimally combine agility, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance. Cincinnati Functional Fitness (or CFF for short) focuses on just that. I had the opportunity to train at CFF recently with Tristan Pursley, NSCA- CPT.   Tristan is a true gent. With a military background and a […]

Optimize Your Well-Being: Prevent. Heal. Thrive.

I first learned about Integrative medicine when living in Columbus and working at Ohio State. I was looking for a new primary care doc, and my friend recommended a gentleman who practiced Integrative medicine. I didn’t know much about Integrative medicine before my first appointment, and I would soon learn that it definitely differs from […]