The Collagen Craze: Protein Supplements & Benefits

Collagen has long been associated with the beauty world. For a while now, collagen-boosting ingredients have been included in serums, creams, and masks. In recent years, collagen has made an even bigger appearance in the food world as a supplement, powder, bar, and even coffee creamer. So, what’s the deal? Is collagen necessary? Is it […]

What Are Your Feet Telling You? Reflexology with Lillian's Holistic Center

There are 7,000 nerve endings in each of your feet. Seven thousand. And these nerves correspond to every organ and system within your body. Mind. Blown.   I had the opportunity to visit Janice of Lillian’s Holistic Journey’s home treatment center where she introduced me to Reflexology. Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an […]

Logan Armstrong of Flourish Ayurveda: Transformational Healing

  “I’ve always had a fearless disposition. I will go do anything, anywhere, if I feel drawn to it.”   After spending a short time at college in Charleston, transferring to a triage school outside of Asheville, and completing her yoga teacher immersion training at 21 years old, Logan Armstrong (then Brookbank) knew where she […]

Why Steve Jobs Wore the Same Outfit Everyday: Wonderwell Workshops

People spend 3-4 hours a day resisting desire. THREE TO FOUR HOURS A DAY. Want to hear another buzzkill fact? Self-control is finite. That’s right. You only get so much of it a day. And, studies show people with the best self-control are the ones who structure their lives to conserve willpower and establish habits […]