Webster defines the verb “bounce” as “to rebound or reflect after striking a surface.” A trampoline is especially “bouncy” due to it’s springs that store your kinetic energy as potential energy by stretching, just like a rubber band. And it is the rebound of that energy that, when you strike the net, causes you to bounce into the air.


Anyone else out there shoot back to the 90’s when they hear the word “trampoline”? Back then, my best friend’s parents had a moment of weakness and quickly became the most popular house in the neighborhood. Now, I think of the rigorous workout called “bounce” that Mer and I took at Body Alive that had us laughing, sweating, panting, and oh-so-sore the next day.


To take a step back, when I walked into Body Alive’s Kenwood location, my first thought was “why the heck did it take me this long to try this place?” With three large studios, 5 class formats, and a schedule that runs from 6am to 8pm during the week, it’s a one stop shop for alignment based, high energy fitness.


After signing in with the cheery front desk workers (at 5:45am, nonetheless), Mer and I grabbed free weights and a resistance band, put our sticky socks on, and before you knew it the music was bumping and we were bouncing.


Don’t let the smiling faces fool you. This workout was no less intense than a traditional bootcamp class. Actually, it was more intense since you were work off of an unstable trampoline that causes you to constantly engage your core. And the goal wasn’t to see who got the highest, like it was back in the day. You actually are instructed to bounce DOWN, which fires the quads and glutes that much more. The burn was real, y’all.


Bounce is very much so a full body workout. With jumps, squats, lunges, an upper body focus with free weights, and an ab series…. Let’s just say take it after a day of rest or a vinyasa yoga class. It’s low impact, making it kind to your joints, but the intensity is turned up.


Aside from bounce, I had the opportunity to check out a Hot Power Yoga class this week, taught by Bobby (at 6am on a Monday because I like to inflict pain on myself). Joking aside, I actually love taking yoga classes on Monday mornings. It helps me set my intention for the week, clear my head, and ease myself out of the weekend and the activities that I did that might not have been the healthiest. The room it is taught in is MASSIVE. Which I was worried about in the beginning (that many people in a 105 degree room, eek). But it actually gave us all much more space so that we weren’t sweating all over each other. I also really appreciated the playlist. No “OMing” or beating drums. Instead, some Counting Crows and Gin Blossoms.



Body Alive also has beat-based cycling classes, body fusion (which is a total body workout designed to tone and lengthen muscles, increase cardiovascular endurance, and improve flexibility and core strength, held in a slightly warm room), and barre. I’m looking forward to trying them all.


They currently have two locations, but are adding a third this year: one in Kenwood off of Montgomery Rd. another in Oakley on Madison Rd, and their latest addition, Mason, which will be opening at 4700 Duke Dr. The Oakley location is smaller, with just one room, so they do not offer cycling, however all other formats can be found at this location. They offer both unlimited monthly memberships, as well as class packs, all of which are valid at both locations.


This studio might be a good fit for you if you like a variety of different workouts, like having a ton of class times to choose from, and are budget conscious but still want the boutique fitness studio experience (I was pleasantly surprised at how competitive their pricing is).


Looking forward to seeing Body Alive take its talents north and transform the Mason community! 


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