Today in America, 87 percent of us don’t meet recommendations for fruit consumption, and 91 percent of us don’t meet recommendations for vegetable consumption. I’m not a statistician, but I know those numbers aren’t great.


There has been a lot of work in the nutrition field in attempts to address this issue. And, since us Americans are always aspiring to find shortcuts or life hacks, there have been a number of products popping up recently that claim to deliver all your daily nutrients in a capsule, or powder form. I wanted to investigate these products further to see if the benefits *really* are comparable to eating your daily dose of broccoli and apples.


First off, this product scene is vast. A simple Google search put me in front of dozens products with all sorts of crazy claims. I decided to sit down with a local rep for Juice Plus to understand this market a bit better.  


45 minutes into our coffee meeting, I was captive. Local rep, Scott Mozlin, brought brochure after brochure of research, case studies, and doctor reviews. What got me the most was the CEO’s personal rationale for developing the product. His father got cancer and was sent to hospice unable to digest a lot of foods. As a naturopathic doctor, he decided to create a concoction for his father to try, utilizing nutrients from natural fruits and vegetables. His dad went on to live another 6 years. He then partnered with a doctor to bring his concoction to the general public. So, will this cure cancer and save us all from untimely death? The jury is still out, but the argument for adding a supplement of natural nutrients doesn’t sound like it could hurt.


So, does this pill take the place of eating fruits and veggies?


Not quite, which is why they call it a supplement. Adding a fruit or veggie capsule to your daily diet won’t eliminate the need to consume veggies and fruits, but it does give you an extra one-two-punch of nutrition to SUPPLEMENT your healthy eating habits. Juice Plus’s products contain juice powder concentrates and oils from over 48 different fruits, vegetables, and grains of wide variety.  Attempting to eat all 48 of these ingredients in a day would be quite the feat. This product is there to bridge the gap between what you are currently consuming, and what might be missing in your diet.


So, will you feel the effects immediately?


Like any healthy habit, the effects will take time to develop. Red blood cells take 4 months to regenerate, and you want to feed these nutrients into your cells as they are regenerating. Because of this, when you subscribe to receive Juice Plus products, they come in 4 month increments.


There has been numerous clinical research studies of people with extended use of the product. The results found an improvement in heart health, dental health, a boosted immune system, healthier skin, reduced inflammation, lung health, reduced obesity, an overall improvement in your quality of life, and more. You can read up on the clinical research studies here.


What is the quality of the produce that goes into creating the pill?


The produce isn’t picked until it’s fully ripe so that it is at the peak of it’s nutrition, and they use ALL parts of the fruit and veggie- the peel, the fruit, and  the seeds. It is then juiced and dried at low temperature to keep nutrition in tact, and put into a capsule. They use non GMO ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors.


Is this product safe for children?


Yes, and they actually make it very easy (aka free) for your child to incorporate Juice Plus into their day to day life. When you subscribe to the Juice Plus program, your child is provided free product for 4 years. The pills come in gummy form and are surprisingly tasty.


So, what’s the catch?


My breakdown is this: if you are looking for a way to round out your nutrition and get whole nutrients currently missing from your diet, adding in a fruit and vegetable supplement might be a good option for you. However, do keep in mind that the pills lack the natural fiber that comes from eating whole fruits and vegetables, so don’t slack on your consumption just because you’re taking this pill or gummy. I did a lot of research, and the website is a great resource full of testimonials, but like any diet program, everyone’s experience is different. Juice Plus does have a money back guarantee if after 4 months you do not like the product or feel a difference.


Interested, but still skeptical? Juice Plus hosts numerous health and wellness events in Cincinnati, the next one being July 31st. For more information on Juice Plus or to get signed up, contact Scott Mozlin here.


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