A few weeks ago I had my house saged. Ryan was leaving work and on his way to a golf tournament. He asked me to leave his golf clubs on the front porch as not to interrupt. Mostly because I think he had no clue what the hell was going on.


We’re all familiar with spaces and people that just feel good to be around. We might say, “they have good energy, a good feel about them.” Scientifically, our entire world is made up of energy. Our energy fields impact our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states.  And like any fluid, moving particle, energy can collect and get trapped or stuck throughout our homes, our bodies, and our lives. When this happens, we might feel stuck, sluggish, or off, like something just isn’t quite right. This stuck energy cleary isn’t healthy for us over time.




Sage is a tool that numerous cultures have used for thousands of years to move that stuck energy.  On the simplest level, sage is a leaf. You can buy this leaf in bundles, tied together called smudge or sage sticks. Sage is now so mainstream that you can buy said sticks at Whole Foods, in the isle right next to the perfumed candles.


Ancient cultures, most notoriously various Native American cultures, used sage in both ceremony and as a cleansing tool. In fact, burning sage is one of the oldest methods of cleansing a person, group of people, or space. Cleansing meaning moving that stuck energy, shifting a mood, or simply resetting a mental perspective. If you’re not ready to buy-in to the philsopsy of energy shiting, the antibacterial properties of smoke cleansing might reel you in. One study found a 94% reduction of bacterial counts in the air after saging (which they call smoking the air).


Meredith Hogan is a local shaman, yogi, and beautiful being who offers various saging ceremonies. She came to our house in Norwood on a sunny Friday afternoon. We lit sage and moved counter clockwise through our house, investigating the energy and determining what needed to shift. At certain times, Meredith felt the energy of individuals who may have lived in this house before us. When this happened, she gently shifted that energy, sending them on their way.  Then, we moved back through the house again (clockwise) after setting an intention for our home. My intention was for our home to be a happy, welcoming space full of love. I followed Meredith from room to room, ringing a bell as she billowed the smoke of the sage in each corner and nook of our house. With the smoke we sent that intention out into the space.



After the process, I felt amazing because, well, Meredith’s energy is calming and contagious. I also did feel like our house was lighter and cleaner. She explained to me that home saging practices are great to do right after you inhabit a new space.  You can clear the energy of those that used the apartment or home before you, clearing the slate if you will, and then mentally and energetically set positive intent for that new space, and it’s new inhabitants. And, added bonus, sage will literally rid the air of any bacteria.


I think our culture has lost sight of the benefit of rituals. I personally love the idea of pausing, taking time to honor and acknowledge the importance of space and energy, and then setting that positive intention for the space we inhabit. Ry and I are in the market to buy a house this fall.  I completely intend to have Meredith over to cleanse our new space, as Ryan and I set an intention for our life there. The jury’s still out if Ryan will be at the saging ritual or golfing.


To learn more about Meredith’s offerings, check out her website.

She also just started a new endeavour called the connection project, which we intend to write more about soon. 



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