Move over sports drinks, there’s a healthier, Cincinnati grown alternative in town. It’s Thirty Drink. This new bev contains 3x the electrolytes as your average sports drink, 66% less sugar, and has only 30 calories per bottle. Creator, Patrick McGinnis, came up with the concept at his nephew’s soccer game when examining the high sugar electrolyte drinks stocked in the team’s cooler. There had to be a better option, and he was the man to find it. He set out to develop a beverage that wouldn’t rot teeth or cause sugar highs, and that tasted so good kids would want to grab it over other sugar packed drinks.


Pat isn’t new to the beverage scene. A Cincinnati Native, his career started at Anheuser-Busch, and then moved over to Kroger before he broke off to launch Thirty Drink. He now operates out of a seriously cool space in OTR, alongside a few other startups. Mer and I popped by to check it out last week. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a young, ambitious, revolutionary brand and team: an enormous, newly renovated warehouse with vaulted ceilings, plenty of hang space, and a stage full of sound equipment in case you want to jump up and practice your guitar riff once those electrolytes kick in.


So, how healthy is it, really? Here’s the scoop:



Just this past week, Thirty Drink released three new flavors, Strawberry Watermelon, Acai Blueberry, and Lemon Lime, to add to their two originals, Tangerine Orange and Raspberry Cherry. I’d like to say I have a favorite, but honestly, I enjoy all of them. On a personal level, I have always struggled with staying hydrated (I’ve fainted on one too many occasions from being dehydrated) so I’m thrilled to have found this healthier, more effective alternative to sports drinks and coconut water.

What I love almost as much as how this beverage takes care of my body is the dedication and passion that the brand has for its hometown of Cincinnati. The packaging proudly states “Made in Ohio”, and Pat is determined to become THE homegrown healthy beverage in town. We think he’s got it in the bag. They have been in UDF stores for about a year, and have recently signed a deal with both Kroger and GFS, which will put this Ohio Proud drink into grocery stores across the region in both stores and schools.


Little did Pat realize, when formulating this beverage, that the ingredients within his product would comply with the federal “Smart Snacks in School” program, which bans sugary, high caloric and sodium rich beverages from being served in schools across America. So, to come full circle, Pat’s surpassed his dream of serving healthier beverages on the soccer field and moved to serving healthier beverages to all kids in school cafeterias.


Thirty Drink is a sponsor for our April event at Outfit Active on Sunday April 15th. More details to come. You can also catch Thirty drink at Flying Pig events coming up over the next few months. If you have a chance to try it, please let us know what you think!


Find Thirty Drink at UDF, Amazon, and (soon) Kroger.


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