Truth: This was a bit of a hike for me. But the way my cousins ranted and raved about the boot camp they were taking up in Mason, I knew I had to make the trip to experience it first hand.


The miles logged in the car were worth it.


Burn Boot Camp was founded in 2015 by former San Francisco Giant, Devan Kline and his wife, Morgan. Their goal?: “[They] wanted a chance to change the world.”



Since 2015, the franchise has grown to 105 locations, with 350 more locations in the works.


Chris Witbrodt, a native to the Mason area, opened up Burn Boot Camp in Mason on October 28th, 2017, and the community flocked. Maybe it’s the floating foam floor, making it easy on your joints. Or maybe it’s the class structure, a 45-minute camp with stations you only visit once (you read that right–you max out two exercises at one station then move along. So once you hit that burpee station, you never have to go back. Amen.) Or, to all you moms out there, maybe it’s the complimentary child care. It also could be the team like atmosphere, where high fives are encouraged (some may consider it required) and you’re paired up to do things like…. this:


 (I seriously couldn’t stop laughing while doing this exercise)


Each day, they have a new workout focusing on a different muscle group, and the exercises are creative (re: above) and use top notch gym toys. They seriously have every piece of equipment that you can think of, allowing Chris to have fun with structuring the camp. You can literally go 6 days a week and hit every muscle in your body (classes are held Monday through Saturday). 



What I think is really unique about Burn Boot Camp is that it manages to have a community feel in a gym environment. Burn has members who are extremely passionate about the camp that they deem “Fit Member Ambassadors”. These ambassadors are responsible for pairing up with new clients when they take their first class, so they feel welcome and a part of the team. In other words, Burn Boot Camp is the opposite of intimidating. Their Fit Member Ambassadors are also in charge of coordinating group events outside the gym (work hard, play hard– we like it.) Pair all of this with the fact that majority of the classes are female only (with the exception of the two evening classes, which are co-ed), it’s about as welcoming of a bootcamp class you can get.



And Burn acknowledges that every member has a different goal.


Burn Boot Camp offers unlimited 15-minute focus meetings with the trainer before and after class for members to set goals, take measurements and be guided on nutrition. Chris told me they coach nutrition as much as fitness, which I thought was pretty awesome (they say abs are made in the kitchen or something, right?).


Burn is membership based, and membership plans vary, with 6, 12, and 18 month commitments. There is a very good reason why they only offer membership plans versus class packs. They believe in consistency, coaching, and community, all of which are difficult to develop if there is not a membership plan set up. Great news is that before committing, they offer a “14-day test drive” for you to try it out and see if it’s for you. They also offer free camp on Saturdays at 9am that anyone can attend. There are 7 camps daily, starting at 5:30am, and the last being at 6:30pm. 


This place would be great for you if you like HIIT workouts, love high-fives, are looking for an overall health plan (exercise + nutrition), and if you’re looking for a community in and out of the gym.


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