How often have you struggled to find the *perfect*, most thoughtful, and unique gift? Been there. And, if you’re like us, you love shopping and supporting local, but often end up ordering something from Amazon because, well, it’s easy and you don’t have the time to drive all over town. As working moms with toddlers at home, Katie Sizemore and Susanna Filippi know this feeling, which is why they decided to create a box chock full of local products to make the most thoughtful present that you can feel good about gifting.




“You can now give a gift from the city you love to the people you love.” Introducing, EMBOX.


EMBOX creates beautifully curated gift packages filled with popular wellness items from a variety of Cincinnati makers. Katie and Susanna, two Cincinnati natives, have always run in the same circle, but recently became close friends through working the same 9-5. At said 9-5, Katie, who is bubbly, spunky, and a master of ideation, kept swinging by Susanna’s office with this idea. Susanna, practical, ambitious, and a perpetual “doer” (with a great sense of humor) said, let’s actually do this, let’s make this happen. EMBOX.  


The two have always been passionate about shopping local and supporting Cincinnati entrepreneurs. They also have limited time on their hands. Also, apparently it’s difficult to drag two toddlers around town to five different locations to curate a local gift basket. Go figure. So, they created EMBOX as a way for Cincinnati to showcase and gift the finest local products through an easy, convenient process. Simply order a box online, and it will arrive to your special someone in 4-5 business days.


The duo launched Embox in November and currently have 4 boxes to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of the locally sourced packages currently available:



Spa Simply: $40


Includes Honey & Oats Soap by JustBreathe SOAP, Honey Hand Salve & Peppermint Chapstick by Gaiser Bee Co., Chai Sugar Scrub by Queen City Alchemy, + a personalized card with the cover designed by LetterBree.




Spa Simply Deluxe: $60


Includes the Spa Simply box + Candle No.100 by Manitou Candle Co., Restore Face Serum by Queen City Alchemy, Chai Sugar Scrub by Queen City Alchemy





Feel the Warmth: $40


Includes a Queen City Mug, Colombia – Papua New Guinea Coffee by Deeper Roots Coffee, And a personalized card with the cover designed by LetterBree




Feel the Warmth Deluxe: $60


Includes the Feel the Warmth box, 4 Exclusive Coasters by Cassidy Staver, and No. 69 by Manitou Candle Co.

The products are hand picked for their beautiful packaging (so the box looks great when the recipient opens it) and their quality. The pair is working to expand their box offerings. Next up is a, “man box.”  They gave us some hints about what will be inside, but we promised not to share. Stay tuned, and check out for a great gift option that is easy, thoughtful, and supporting local brands and businesses–including the driven ladies behind EMBOX.


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