Some people love taking group fitness classes or hitting the gym to be surrounded by people who are likewise working hard on improving their health. But others may like the idea of one-on-one attention within the comfort of their own home. Enter: Nicole Leisen. Nicole is a local personal trainer and nutrition coach that brings the gym to you. She literally has the trunk of her car packed with workout equipment: TRX straps, medicine balls, yoga mats, free weights, you name it, all to bring a personalized workout experience to your home or local park.


Nicole came on the scene about 6 years ago, starting as a group fitness instructor at UC, then earning her personal training certification, TRX certification, and more. She builds custom programs based on the goals and needs of her clients, whether you are rebounding from an injury or working up to a big event.



Other than convenience, here are 5 more reasons to consider in home personal training:


1. They provide individual attention. When it’s just you and the personal trainer, you are getting their full, undivided attention. The entire program is tailored to you, and they are ensuring proper movement and form to get the most out of each exercise.


2. It’s really educational. Along the same lines, you are learning WHY you should do certain exercises, as well as the correct way to do them.  This is knowledge you can take out into the world and apply to simple day-to-day activities like walking down the street, or standing up from your desk chair at work.


3. They help you set (realistic, achievable) goals. Personal trainers like Nicole aren’t in the business of taking your world and turning it upside down. They consider your strengths, weaknesses, lifestyle and habits, and help you set goals that are achievable and measurable. For Nicole, she likes to set small benchmarks for her clients. Since weight loss results often take time and dedication, she helps her clients notice the smaller positive effects of her program, like better sleep, higher energy, and improvements when performing certain exercises.


4. They save you time and hold you accountable. Personally, my biggest excuse to skip the gym is that I ran out of time in the day. In-home personal trainers are the most efficient option for people pressed for time. There are no minutes wasted traveling to the gym. As a result, it’s also a lot harder to find an excuse to not workout, and you can’t just not show up, as they are coming to you.


5. They will push you harder than you will push yourself. I believe this to be a fact.


Nicole does more than just in-home personal training. Mer and I caught one of her pop-up events last weekend at The Frock in Covington, where she ran us through a circuit workout with 6 other girls. The class was followed by coffee, snacks, and good convo. She is going to start doing more of these at local parks and event spaces, so follow her on Instagram to stay up to date on when the next one “pops up”! She also teased an online fitness challenge that she and Laura Dilz are partnering on this spring- we can’t wait to find out more about it and will share the details once we hear. Also, her reviews (or as she calls them “high-fives”) are insane. Check them out here


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