Pure Barre is the largest, most established barre franchise in the nation, with more than 460 studios throughout the U.S. and Canada, and more studios opening rapidly. 


We have five Pure Barre locations in the tristate area; Oakley, Kenwood, Cinci West, Mason, and Ft. Wright. Each studio has their own feel and community. Read about our intro and overview to Pure Barre here.


Two of our friends, Jess and Maria instruct and work at the PB West studio. So, we actually met owners Sarah and Laura at a country concert before we ever visited the studio. We basically have all the nice things to say about them-gorgeous, fun, nice, smart, welcoming…are we gushing?



Laura used to work out at the PB Mason location and fell in love. She noticed a lack of fitness places on the Westside and wanted to open a Westside PB location. Her husband Chris grew up on the Westside with pal Garrett Celek, who now plays for the 49ers. Through Chris and Garrett, Laura connected with Garrett’s wife Sarah, a PB instructor. The two hit it off, put together a business plan, blew the PB headquarters team away, and opened PB West.   




When they first opened, the majority of Westsiders weren’t too familiar with barre class. Sarah and Laura spread the word quickly. Today, similar to the Ft. Wright location, PB West has an incredibly close community of clients that not only encourage and support each other, but also have fun together. PB West Instagram’s page is filled with pictures of Halloween costume contests, happy hours after class, and community pop-ups all over the city. They have two community pop-ups coming up (a great way to try PB for free). Check them out here. I’ll be at the 2/4 pop-up at West Side Brewing. Come hang. Also, the first Wednesday of every month is “Wine down Wednesday,” at the studio where wine is served after the evening classes. We visited on a Tuesday, so we missed the wine, but we’ll be back. See below for our glamour shot with Laura. 

An insider tip from Laura for newcomers is to wear ankle socks during class, and wear ones that have grippers on the bottom if you can. This can help with various movements. Don’t have a pair with grippers? PB sells them (they’re actually my favorite socks to wear day-to-day).


At all locations the first week of classes for new members is free.  In the summer, all 5 local PB locations come together to off a PB class on the Purple People Bridge. Last year, the class set the world record for largest barre class. This year, the event will be held Saturday June 30th. More details to come.


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