We have five Pure Barre locations in the tristate area; Oakley, Kenwood, Cinci West, Mason, and Ft. Wright. Each studio has their own feel and community. Read about our intro and overview to Pure Barre here.


The PB location in Ft. Wright opened in September of 2011 and is owned by Lori Gray and Kelly Dicken Newman. Kelly took PB in Kentucky at one of the original locations from founder Carrie Dorr. One of Kelly’s best friend was a PB studio owner in Lexington and encouraged her to bring the workout to Cincinnati. A mutual friend introduced Lori and Kelly and suggested they partner on the endeavour.  Kelly and Lori are now best pals. In fact, Lori introduced Kelly to her now husband, which we love.



Mol and I took the PB Empower class at PB Ft. Wright last week with studio manager and instructor, Katie. We sat down with Lori and Katie after class. The four of us sat in the front lobby as clients streamed by us for the next class. Lori and Katie legit knew every clients name, and got up numerous times to give hugs to those they hadn’t seen in a while. The sense of community was palpable.




Lori and Katie gave us some advice for PB newcomers.


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. So many people come in for their first class feeling intimidated. They think, “I know I can’t do that,” or “there are only thin people here, I don’t fit in” or, “I’m not a dancer, and everyone here is in great shape.” Lori wants people to know that, while it does take effort to get in shape, anyone can do it, and literally no one is judging you in a PB class. Apparently, pretty much every client is clueless at their first class. Including, Katie.  Katie, who actually is a dancer, said she didn’t get PB right off the bat, but she stuck with it because it was both challenging and fun.


Katie suggests definitely giving it a few classes. PB promises you will notice changes in your body within 10 class (3-4 times a week).  Like Lori, Katie insisted no one is watching anyone else in class. There is so much going on, she said, that you don’t have time to pay attention to anyone else. If you can hold the barre, you can do it. A 30-day trial is $99 *this is discounted to $89 if you buy in January of 2018 at the Ft. Wright location.


PB Ft. Wright hosts a number of community events. They promise there will be more coming in 2018, and we’ll keep you updated through our events calendar.  


In the summer, all 5 local PB locations come together to off a PB class on the Purple People Bridge. Last year, the class set the world record for largest barre class. This year, the event will be held Saturday June 30th. More details to come.



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