Advice from Kelly Amshoff Schoenhoft, fitness instructor, lululemon ambassador, motivator, mover and shaker. 

I love my bed and I hate mornings. Subsequently I really struggle with morning workouts.  Kelly teaches a lot of morning workouts. One of these is the class Molly and I attended last Wednesday at 6AM @TheLB. Molly showed up 10 minutes early. I was 1 minute late and had a few coffee stains on my shirt. I was expecting to get through the workout and feel good when it was over. To be honest, I wasn’t really in the mood to try. Well, Kelly makes you try. 


Kelly is a bad ass. She reminds me of a mixture between the energizer bunny and a motivational speaker that has killer abs.


Each week she teaches 8 classes @TheLB which focus on a mixture of cardio bursts and strength training.  The exercises change quickly so if you hate what you’re doing, don’t sweat it, you’ll be doing something new in less than 2 minutes.  She’s the only local CycleBar instructor to teach at both the Kenwood and Hyde Park locations. She also takes on personal training clients, and teaches at various other spots across the city. She just became a lululemon Ambassador.  Her 16th birthday present was running the steps from Rocky. I’ll say it again, BA. Who smiles in plank?


One thing I like about Kelly is that while her classes are challenging and she’s in excellent shape, she’s not intimating.


If you’re new to working out she understands. She’s been there. Before gaining what she calls, “the freshman 25,” Kelly had never played a sport, didn’t know what a dumbbell was, and had never belonged to a gym. 


With a desire to look and feel better, Kelly found a beat-based fitness class. By sophomore year she was an instructor, and by junior year she was managing the gym. After college, Kelly moved to Chicago, and then recently back to Cincinnati. She’s now taught and trained for over a decade and is bringing that high level of expertise to Cincinnatians.  Kelly will push you.  She got me to to keep going even when I didn’t think I could.  She also told me it was OK to drop to my knees during push-ups. All levels are welcome, effort is encouraged, and modifications are provided.


 We all know healthy behavior can be hard sometimes(see above where I explain how I hate to leave my bed for AM workouts). I asked Kelly for her best advice. She recommends finding the right fit. Shop around. The fitness world is vast. Find something you love doing with people you love to be with. That community and accountability will make you show up.  


This is certainly true for Kelly’s clients. She’s got a following. She has a 5AM squad–a group that shows up weekly for her early classes to sweat it out together. They have a text chain where they hold each other accountable to show up. They even have tee shirts. Their hashtag is #5AMsquad. Kelly’s advice: join the #5AMsqaud, or if that’s not your jam find your own community. This community will push you to leave the warm blankets behind and get to work. 


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