The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report interviewed 10,500 females across 13 countries and found that only 1/5 women have high self esteem. Only 1 in 5. That’s not OK, and it has to change. Girls on the Run(GOTR) is working on it.  GOTR is an international non-profit that coaches young girls to run a while teaching valuable lessons on self-esteem, self-worth, kindness, empathy (the list goes on and on).  Our local GOTR is located in Hyde Park run by some of the most inspiring women you’ll ever meet.


The Cincinnati GOTR works in 11 counties and coaches approximately 2,500 girls each season. The season is 10-weeks long. Volunteer coaches implement a research-based curriculum twice a week. Each lesson ends with physical activity working the girls up to running a 5k–one in November and one in May.  


 I was a coach for GOTR when I lived in Columbus, and I’ve been on the local Race Committee since I moved to Cincinnati. I got Molly to volunteer at the Merchandise booth with me this season and she loved it as much as I did. The atmosphere is just so positive. You can sprint, walk, crawl, whatever. As long as you’re there you’re a winner. 


My favorite moment this year was after the race. A tiny, spunky girl not much taller than than my waist wearing a cape told me, “That was my first race! I really do feel like a superhero today!” When I asked her if she was going to keep running after this she answered, “of course.” 


 Come volunteer with us next year! I promise you’ll leave feeling inspired. 

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