Tough love, according to Urban Dictionary, is a version of “being cruel to be kind.” It goes on to say that tough love will save an individual from heartache in the future, but may cause a small amount of upset for the receiver immediately after the tough love has been dispensed.


Earlier this month, Molly and I attended class at Farrell Fit … and boy, did we get a dose of tough love. (…and we loved every second of it!)




Think high intensity interval training circuits comprised of burpees, toe-taps, push-ups… those sort of things. The class made for one of the best workouts I had experienced in a long time, but going through it was tough – just the way it was meant to be!


Farrell Fit is a fitness studio offering a variety of strength training classes. If you enjoy HIIT classes (high intensity interval training,) this is the studio for you! Molly and I took the Mid-Day Meltdown class which consisted of strength training, body weight exercises, and short bouts of cardio… it was our daily dose of tough love dispensed from Chris Farrell himself.


A suspension trainer, kettlebells, hand weights, medicine balls, and mats line the walls. There is a television screen that displays the heart rates of anyone who has chosen to purchase and utilize MyZone technology … which is pretty cool. MyZone is a wearable, heart-rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor physical activity in the form of heart rate, calories, and time exercising. This combination of information ensures that MyZone technology focuses on rewarding effort instead of fitness level, and the principles of Farrell Fit echo this refreshing notion.





Upon walking into one of Chris’s classes, it is obvious why he has had so much success over the years. He personally greets each and every client, making sure that everyone is comfortable and ready to conquer the workout. Even before committing to a class, Chris will make sure that his studio is the right fit for you, and he works hard to make sure that Farrell Fit is meeting each individual client’s needs.


One of the most unique things about Farrell Fit is that Chris schedules consultations with prospective clients, and uses a color-coded system to ensure that each client is training at an appropriate, individualized level. For example, if you’re just coming back from an injury, your level of activity is going to be quite different from others’. Safety and personalization are top priority at Farrell Fit.


Besides gaining strength and confidence through joining this studio, clients gain a support system. Chris holds clients accountable to ensure that they reach their fitness goals, and to ensure that they feel well taken care of. Miss a class? You can expect a text message. Chris isn’t here to criticize or to guilt-trip anyone, but he genuinely cares about each of his client’s well-being.





Clients also have the support of their classmates – during the class that Molly and I took, we even worked in teams to complete an exercise circuit while rotating through different stations. Words of encouragement, pats on the back, and energized smiles were exchanged throughout the duration of the class.The comradery amongst clients made the 45 minutes of class fly by … except when we were counting down the seconds until we finished our burpees; any amount of time spent doing burpees does not fly by!


You can find the list of classes offered here. While Molly and I took a HIIT class, there are class options that slow things down a bit. No matter what class you choose to attend, you can rest assured that you will feel fully welcomed, and your body and mind will thank you for the incredible workout.


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