Spring is upon us, and you know what that means… wedding season is right around the corner! Can you think of a better reason to party than celebrating love??….go ahead I’ll wait.  Weddings bring me a happiness that I can only compare to the joy felt from the endorphin rush of a good workout… okay, eating freshly baked cookies brings me to that same level of nirvana, but stay with me here.




 Imagine experiencing the best elements of a wedding with the fun of a 5k, and you have The Great Bridal Chase. That’s right, this is a 5k that has it all! Including, but not limited to, an after-party that promises to rival the best wedding reception you’ve ever seen. There may not be freshly baked cookies at this event, but there will be cake samples and champagne, which is quite possibly even better!


The Great Bridal Chase is the brainchild of Allison Schroeder; as an avid runner herself, she created the  event to highlight the intersection of runners who run races for the after party with those who are sweating till the wedding.. The event is great for bridal parties, for partners who want to get in shape before the wedding, and truly, for anyone looking to have a great time. You don’t have to be engaged or even thinking about tying the knot in order to run in this race, everyone is welcome!



This is the second annual Great Bridal Chase, and this year’s theme is Bubbles vs Bourbon. Allison and her team are once again going above and beyond to create a fun and memorable time for participants. Every detail has been carefully planned and executed. There is no way anyone will leave without a smile on their face.



The race takes place in Covington, KY (you can find the route here). All participants will receive a tuxedo t-shirt or a white race t-shirt, a one-of-a-kind finisher’s medal, a bubbly or bourbon cocktail, and a celebration after the race that promises to give you all the fun of a wedding reception. This years party will be held in the beautiful courtyard of Hotel Covington, and will have a live DJ, pizza, cake, cocktails, a photo booth, and awards. Sounds like a great time to me!


If you haven’t been convinced to register yet, consider this, you can choose to run this race to fundraise for your favorite charity! Upon signing up, you’ll choose your charity from those listed or you’ll create your own with proper documentation.


You can find the link to register for the race – or quite honestly, to attend the party – here. In the meantime, make sure you’ve got running shoes that can double as dance shoes and we hope to see you there!


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