Runners tend to be some of the kindest people I encounter. Maybe it’s because at some point, the runner’s high starts to become a permanent part of their personality. Maybe they’re all a little off their rockers (I’m looking at anyone who willingly spent time outside during the polar vortex.) Either way, when I joined the Running Club at Westside Brewing for a chilly Saturday morning run, my belief that runners are incredibly nice people was once again solidified.


When I first heard about this running club through my mom, I thought she had misspoken. A running club taking place at a brewery… seems like a bit of a paradox. Paradox or not, it’s kind of a genius idea, and I had to check it out.


Westside Brewery is located in Westwood on the Westside of Cincinnati. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the area, Westwood is actually Cincinnati’s largest neighborhood, and it’s currently undergoing a revitalization. Restaurants and cafes are popping up in the neighborhood as a result of a recently enacted community investment plan. It’s a great spot for this extremely popular brewery, and a quaint, historic neighborhood to run through.



Before the run begins, participants gather inside the brewery to sign in and, if you’re a newbie, you’ll need to sign a waiver and check out the route options. Runs are one, three, or five miles long depending on which route you choose.


As someone who typically runs alone, I was surprised to find that I actually loved running alongside other group members. Most people still had their music in their ears, but that didn’t deter from the sense of comradery and community that was felt throughout the run. It was nice to be able to zone out to my own jams while still feeling supported and motivated by those around me.


I also really enjoyed the route! Living in Cincinnati, it should come as no surprise that we encountered quite a few inclines (although when you’re running, these can feel like mountains) along the way, but the challenge made the workout that much more rewarding.


After the run, group members reconvene back inside the brewery to socialize and to grab a drink. Beers are on tap for only $4 for running club members! Once I finished my 3 miles, I chatted with a few devoted runners who all shared the same sentiment about their experience with this group. Over and over again, I heard members share how joining this group helped hold them accountable toward reaching their fitness goals. Everyone I talked to emphasized that running club days quickly became the best part of their week.




The running club meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, and Saturday mornings at 11:00am; (you’ll want to arrive a few minutes early to get settled.) Joining the club is only $12, and your membership fee gets you a Westside Brewery Running Club t-shirt and a $4 beer in the taproom after each run. Join online here … and to see the rest of the events the brewery offers (yoga and pure barre!?), check out their events calendar here. 


Life is all about balance, and a brewery promoting fitness and community is a perfect example of this.  


If you are looking for more ways to connect with new people and places of fitness, please consider becoming a Cincy State of Being insider: Your guide to all things health and wellness in Cincinnati!


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