Charcoal is becoming more and more prevalent in the health and wellness industry. We’ve tried charcoal in a number of ways now so we were pretty intrigued when we heard about the new charcoal pedicure offering at Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa. We headed over a few weeks ago and got some much needed R+R. Here are the details. 




 The background: 


Activated charcoal is pure carbon made from wood, peat (an organic material found in damp areas made from partially-decays vegetable matter), debris, coconut husks or other carbon sources.  It was originally used (and still is) for the emergency treatment of poisonings. Activated charcoal carries a negative charge and is extremely porous, so it attracts toxins and chemicals and then traps them and removes them for the body as metabolic waste. AKA why charcoal is now being used in many health and wellness and beauty regimens as a deep cleanser and detoxifier. 


The experience: 


Charcoal pedicures begin like any other—a massage chair, relaxing music, great ambiance, warm water, etc. Except with this pedicure the warm water is filled with activated charcoal. I don’t actually know how to accurately explain it, but it felt great. The charcoal makes the water really thick so it felt like my feet were moving through warm lava or mud—in a really good way. The soak with the charcoal was my favorite part.  We sat there for about 20 minutes soaking and it was heaven. 


Next, the technician drained the tub and used a cleaning product to wash off the charcoal. Next came exfoliating and the application of a charcoal scrub to our feet and legs along with a massage. We sat with the charcoal scrub or mask on our legs (wrapped in hot towels) for a few relaxing minutes. Then, the technician washed the charcoal mask off of our legs, taking dead skin and toxins with it. 


I’m fairly certain you have to go more than one time to really notice the detoxifying effects, but we’re sold either way. This is a great way to enhance a normal pedicure and made us feel great physically and mentally. 

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