Registered Dietitians often get a bad rap, I know that because I am one! Let’s face it, we love to eat our fruits and veggies, we love science, we get really excited about new kitchen appliances and sneaking vegetables into unexpected recipes, you get the idea. We’re basically the worst. While my friends no longer refuse to go grocery shopping with me and I receive less backhanded comments about my choice to eat dessert, there are times when it’s still very apparent that being a “nutrition expert” makes people kind of uncomfortable.


Molly and I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lisa Andrews, Registered Dietitian and entrepreneur. Lisa truly is a nutrition expert with years of experience in various parts of the field. More than that, it quickly became apparent that Lisa is not only an expert in nutrition, but an expert in helping people feel comfortable and valued in order to meet their nutrition and health goals.




Lisa will be the first to tell you that she loves food, and that food has always been a large part of her life, and her family’s. After seeing her parents suffer from health complications, she chose to study nutrition in hopes of learning more about the relationship between food and health.


Lisa became an expert in illness through her work as a clinical dietitian, but as she gained experience in other parts of the field, her focus shifted to wellness. In 2008, Lisa launched her business, “Sound Bites Nutrition,” where health and wellness are now the stars of the show.


I asked Lisa about her own nutrition philosophies and mission behind her business, and found that, celebrity status aside, Lisa’s ability to connect with her clients and innate drive to serve others sets her apart, making both Lisa and her clients successful. She says herself that she is not an extremist, and she believes balanced nutrition is the key to good health. (… and she loves cheese and chocolate! You know you’re in good hands when working with a dietitian who understands that some things are just essential.)




While snacking on cheese and chocolate here and there may resonate with many of us, Lisa has also dedicated her efforts to helping those who cannot afford the real essentials. Lisa started People’s Pantry as a way to connect people and to combat malnutrition and hunger, which she saw a lot of in both her clinical and community work.


People’s Pantry consists of old newspaper boxes painted by local artists; the boxes now serve as 24/7 food distribution centers and are scattered throughout Cincinnati neighborhoods where access to affordable, good quality food is very limited. You can read more about the project here. 


Clearly, Lisa recognizes that not everyone has the same access or ability to obtain certain foods. She also recognizes that not everyone has the same nutritional needs. Lisa works with adults with chronic medical conditions including diabetes and prediabetes, cancer prevention and management, GI issues, w


omen’s health, cardiovascular health, and autoimmune disorders.


No two clients are the same, and Lisa focuses on individualized counseling.  In a world where we are bombarded with online nutrition advice and one-click meal plans promising eternal life, it can be helpful to work with a credentialed individual who takes the time to get to know YOU. Taking control of your health can seem overwhelming, especially if you suffer from a chronic medical condition. Lisa is here to help clients take back that control, one step at a time. You can rest assured that by working with someone who so deeply cares about others, positive change is inevitable.


If you’re interested in working with Lisa, she offers Group Nutrition Lectures and Cooking Demos , Individual Diet Counseling,  AND she has launched an online shop offering food pun products and apparel. Seriously, the puns are too cute (just look at the title of this article,) and perfect for any foodie in your life! Check them out here.


Besides a lesson in nutrition, we could all take a lesson from Lisa in what it truly means to serve and to care for others. Maybe us dietitians aren’t really the worst, after all 😉


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