Amy Smith has been at the fitness game for 26 years (which is uber confusing because she doesn’t look a day over 30. Toddler fitness prodigy? maybe.) We’ve been hearing about her studio Game On Fitness in Sharonville consistently since we started CSOB, so it was about time we made the trek north.


Although we did get stuck in rush hour traffic trying to make it up to her Wednesday night class, (5:30pm is never a great time to be on the road) Game On Fitness is really pretty conveniently located. It’s smack dab in the middle of northern suburbia. Amy has clients that drive in from Blue Ash, Montgomery and West Chester, and instructors who live in downtown Cincinnati and travel north to teach. Her class schedule is chock full of variety. We took her Power 20’s Step Plyo Training, Belly and Barbell class, or more simply called, “Power 20’s.”




Her Power 20’s class was filled with women of all ages and fitness levels. We were greeted by nearly every person in class as they recognized that we were new. We grabbed weights and mats, and Amy ran us through what seemed like the fastest 45 minutes of my life. There were people punching bags, doing jumping jacks, flying through push ups…. it was organized chaos. What was great about it was that you could really make it your own, and get out what you put in. The class was divided into three 15 minute intervals: cardio burst warmup, strength, and then abs, followed by a nice cool-down stretch. Amy recognized the disparity in fitness levels and age, and did a really impressive job of giving options and modifications.


After class, Mer had to run to go teach meditation, and I stayed to get a tour. The room we were in was set up like a standard gym fitness studio, with wooden gym floors, floor to ceiling mirrors, and all the toys. This was just one of the numerous rooms at Game On Fitness. There was a similar room down the hall, and a newly renovated room in the basement where Game On will be soon offering hot yoga. I learned that this space used to be an old church, and conveniently, where Amy married her hubs a few years ago, after the Game On fitness renovation. That’s a song for another time, but yes, she got engaged AND married at Game On, taking her love for fitness to another level.


We then ventured next door to her SECOND building where she hosts private events and conducts one-on-one personal training sessions. This second building also has a pilates studio, team office space, and space for a future massage therapist (calling all massage therapists looking for space and a built in book of biz!) We sat down in Amy’s posh office, and she unraveled her long and unwavering fitness journey for me.


Amy had always been passionate about fitness, but it got turned up when she started producing fitness DVDs. They got in the hands of producers from the Dr. Oz Show, who went on to endorse them. After that she decided to open Game On Fitness. Her goal was to bring in people from the community to not only get a good workout, but to be a part of something while improving their overall health.  


As Amy puts it, “everyone feels like they fit in here.”


And they do. There is no standard clientele at Game On Fitness. Amy has clients that are in their late 70s, all the way down to little people. Yes, Amy offers kids programs such as speed and agility, TRX, and Yoga for children 7 and up. Each program is a 6 week enrollment, so children are able to learn life skills…. like how to stay on a small yoga mat for an extended period of time. A real feat for a 7 year old, if you ask me.




Amy’s programming is extremely original. She teaches step on Saturday mornings to 80s and 90s music (leg warmers optional), and developed a Little Black Dress workout that focuses on full body toning for females (minimal weight usage, and no jumping/plyometrics).


Aside from the aforementioned programming, Game On Fitness has new Saturday lineup that is all about “Sweating Out The Holiday Stress”, with Bootcamp at 9:15 AM followed up by Hot Yoga at 10:30 AM from now until the end of January.

Regardless of your location, you can still benefit from Amy’s fitness expertise through her new online video subscription service : Through this service, you’ll get 24/7 access to 5 class formats, taught by Amy and her top instructors. Class formats include: Total Body Burn, Core Power, Better Barre, Little Black Dress, and Yoga Flow. She is currently running a special for the launch. If you buys soon, you can lock in the service for $20.19/ Month. Here’s a preview of what you can expect:




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