We had THE best time at our first birthday bash last weekend. We rounded up some of our favorite food bloggers to create a smorgasbord of goodness for our party guests. The food went pretty quickly, and we’ve had quite a few of you reach out for recipes, so here they are. Make sure to invite us over. 


Soft Gingerbread Spice Cookies Made By Kaitlin Bolt-Lovett of @alifenourished 




A Life Nourished is about letting go of societal standards to allow us to seek liberation. Through the journey of understanding our unique stories we can stand in a space of self-nourishment and free ourselves from our skewed perceptions. These mini cookies were HOT, like on fire, like everyone was eating them. Find the details on how to make them here. 

Our girl Lorie Yarro (the most amazing and wonderful gal) runs a blog called Lemons + Zest. Lemons + Zest is a food and recipe blog with a side of life. Lorie shares simple, delicious recipes while adding her journey through life along the way with non-diet, all foods fit approach.





Lorie made vegan chickpea “tuna,” salad. The quotations are included because, duh, it’s not actually tuna. It’s vegan. Get it? Find the recipe here.  And check out her blog because it’s pure gold. 


Check out this cuteness from Lauren Cohen with ohemghee. The goodness inside is chickpea again, but this time in the form of cookie dough. Head to her Instagram for the ingredient list and instructions. 


Ohemghee is a dietitian curated Instagram page developed and ran by two registered dietitians, Lauren Cohen and Adie Moody; lifelong friends with a passion for all things FOOD! They created the page to inspire and educate followers by translating evidence-based nutrition science into every-day, practical ideas. The page consists of bits of DIY, simple meals, healthy baking, restaurant recommendations, and lifestyle tips.​

AND this is coming to you hot straight off the presses (it’s not even on her website yet), Stephanie Murico with Trail Mix for Sole is sharing her white chocolate and cranberry energy bites recipe below.  Trail Mix for the Sole was created to share Steph’s passion for nutrition and fitness (running). She shares tips and tricks for following a vegetarian diet and details of how she trains for her next race.




White chocolate and cranberry energy bites:


-1 cup old fashioned oats

-1/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

-1/3 cup dried cranberries

-1/4 cup white chocolate chips

-1/3 cup almond butter

-1 tsp vanilla extract

-sprinkle of cinnamon almond milk


Mix, roll, put in the fridge, eat. 


Ashley Martinez who runs @ashleysapron made Pico de Gallo and she has a tutorial for you under her Insta highlights. Find it here.  Here’s the grocery list below. 



Finally, the one and only Kate Richey with @cleankateclub made air fryer coconut shrimp. Here are her instructions: dredge your shrimp in coconut flour, then beaten egg, then coconut flakes (optional: combine coconut flakes and panko bread crumbs). Place about 6 in your fryer basket, set to 350 and turn you rtimer to 10 min. Flip them at 5 min and you’re golden. Look at this goodness. 



Kate’s goal is to have fun experimenting with food to find healthier alternatives that will drive energy towards an active lifestyle. Whether your plate be cleared clean or filled with clean ingredients, Kate is in this with you. 

Thank you again to everyone who made food for letting us show off your talents. Do we have great chefs and food bloggers in Cincy, or what? 


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