Let’s date back to Sophomore year of high school (don’t freak out). One of the cool girls at school decided to just not show up one day and instead, packed her bags for Cali to pursue her synchronized swimming career. This is the last time I’d seen or heard from Kaitlin Bolt-Lovett. That is, until we both found our way back to our roots of Cincy, and our love and passion for health and wellness serendipitously brought us back together.


Kaitlin is a registered dietitian, a pastry chef, a collegiate athlete, a yoga instructor, and the owner of A Nourished Life LLC where she has set out to help others find their own healthy balanced relationship with food.


Kaitlin’s personal healthy relationship with food wasn’t inherent. As Kaitlin pursued her passion for synchronized swimming with aspirations of going to the olympics, the pressure of performing and having the perfect physique– during a time when our bodies are constantly changing– she developed a sports-induced eating disorder.


“I was not fueling my body well physically or emotionally and had a hard time coping with what it meant to truly connect with my bodily needs.”


Fast forward to college where she joined Ohio State University’s synchronized swimming team, she experienced the freshman 15…. x2. She had a binge eating mindset that came from her numerous years of food and emotional restriction.


“My struggle for control was developed out of a lack of emotional understanding and a need to subdue my internal dialogue while feeling like my body was directly linked to my self worth (thank you diet culture). “


In her second year at OSU, Kaitlin was experiencing a serious case of burnout. Burnout in swimming, burnout in school, burnout in life. This point of lack of direction was pivotal.


This is where things turned.


Kaitlin took a summer job working at a European Pastry shop, where she fell in love with the quality ingredients and product, and the joy that came with baking. After that summer, she called it quits with swimming, worked for a year at the pastry shop, then decided to go all in and attend The French Pastry School in Chicago, Illinois. Upon graduation and working within some of Chicago’s most well known restaurants, Kaitlin uprooted again to NYC. It was in New York that Kaitlin found another love: yoga. She completed her 200-hour certification, all while working 90+ hours a week.


Again, a pivotal moment. Realizing the lack of balance in her life, (I did the math: if working 6 days a week, that’s 15 hours each day in the kitchen), Kaitlin found her roots and moved back to Cincy. She immediately enrolled in an 11 month intensive yoga teacher training program to receive her 500 hour certification, went back to school to finish her degree, and found her passion as a registered dietitian.


“I truly believe we will keep encountering the same lessons over and over until they teach us what we need to learn.”


While finishing her degree, Kaitlin was able to get really granular with the science of why our bodies need nourishment in the form of food. She tracked her macros for two years, which she credits to helping her relinquish many of her food fears and find some flexibility within the structure. Arguably the biggest lesson learned: how to listen to her hunger cues and intuition. By becoming more in tune with her body, she was able to relinquish herself from recording every single thing that she consumed, and has learned how to eat intuitively.


“Beginning the process of healing my body through self-care, compassion, and self-acceptance was monumental, but the journey is a long one.”


Kaitlin has identified herself as an “Anti-Diet Dietitian”, focusing on intuitive eating versus “dieting”. “Intuitive Eating is about making peace with food and learning to act from a place of self-care. It is about taking back control of your own body and learning how to drop diet cultures food rules and weight stigmas, in a way that feels empowering.”



She has made it her mission to help others who have struggled with their relationship with food be empowered and gain control. Every single body is different, and needs to be treated so. At the end of the day, you know your body best. Her goal is to help you realize your true needs, drop the food rules and diet fads, and find inner peace and balance.


Kaitlin is available for one-on-one coaching, and to host cooking classes and group workshops. She can now also be found cooking up pastries once again at Brown Bear Bakery!


For more on Kaitlin, visit her website or find her on Instagram. Her catalog of recipes are drool worthy (I’m a huge fan of her salads, or what she calls “everything but the kitchen sink”). She also has a plethora of beautifully written blog articles that I highly recommend reading up on!

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