I recently read on Well and Good that 2018 was the year that home decor went “woo, woo.” This basically means we can make our houses look and feel like our yoga studios (aka the most beautiful Yoga Bar in OTR), and it’s cool. Want proof? Home Depot carries salt lamps now. Shit is mainstream. Aside from horrible big box stores (one time I cried in Home Depot because I was so overwhelmed and tired from moving) our small local spots have a lot to offer as well to make your home feel relaxing, soothing, and look like you know the Buddha. Ry and I just moved a little over a month ago into a new house, and Molly moved more recently than that. Here are some of the home pieces we’ve recently purchased, ones we’ve been coveting, and where you can go shop to find these gems.  


Plants. Molly wrote an article a few months back about plants in your home. Check it out here.  Synopsis: plants in your home are good for you. If you watch our Insta stories you’ll know I just recently bought my first house plant, a succulent, from Fern. This place is absolutely beautiful. You should go and get all the white planters and succulents, and other plants. 




Aromatherapy Diffusers are great for setting an ambient mood. We have one in every major room of our home. I want to check out this Pomegranate Diffuser set from Mica. The scent is described as a blend of, “juicy ruby red pomegranate, and earthy, soothing wood depth patchouli.” Yep. Interested. Oh, also the bottle is shatterproof. If you know me at all, you know this is good. 




Also from Mica are these Large Brass Wire Hanging votives. Options are endless. You could do candles. You could do tiny succulents. You could do hanging plants that spill over the top. Necessary for your zen palace for sure. Also, Mica, I’ll see you in person later this week because I need some things. 




There are few things better than a good blanket in Shavasana.  This one from Idlewild just went on sale. I you want to picture my face right now, picture that emoji with the heart symbols for eyes. Obsession. I promised Ryan that I wouldn’t buy anymore pillows or blankets, but this feels different, right? Hand loomed from wool in Guatemala. 




I did not make any promises about not buying more candles. Which is good because I snagged these incense candles from Idlewild recently. The Palo Santo one is my fav.




High Street Products is a staple here in Cincy, and they know that yoga chic (not a term) is in. I’m loving this wall hanging. 




You can’t have a good zen home space without some oils and lotions to pamper yourself. Spruce, I love you, for so many reasons. And I especially love hat you use your own locally made, all natural, toxic free lotions. Walk, don’t run friends. 



Finally, I love this wall hanging from Fleurish Home. The quote is, “So long as mist envelopes you, be still until sunlight pours through.” – Chief White Eagle. 


 I’m still looking for a local place to purchase a meditation alter. Any thoughts or ideas? Let me know! 


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