I wasn’t always a fitness studio junkie. In fact, I was perfectly content with belonging to a box gym and taking the occasional pilates and cycling class provided with your membership. It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago and heard about this new app that launched called ClassPass that the obsession began.


To catch you up to speed, ClassPass “provides access to yoga, strength training, barre, martial arts, pilates, boxing, and indoor cycling classes, as well as use of health clubs via its flat-rate monthly subscription billing service.” At the time, I spent $99 a month and had access to unlimited classes at hundreds of studios across Chicagoland. The only limitation was that you were limited to 3 classes per studio per month. Nearly every day, I would sign up for a class somewhere within the downtown area, then have to figure out how the heck to get there in a city I was new to. Talk about a great way to learn your way around.


I became obsessed with the variety of workouts, and the elite studios that I had unlimited access to for a fixed investment. Some favorites were CorePower Yoga, Exhale, Flywheel Sports, Studio Three, Pilates Pro Works, and Shred415. About a year in, ClassPass realized that some users were taking advantage of their unlimited structure (guilty), and changed things up. Now, it doesn’t exactly replace a gym or studio membership, but is still a great supplemental service for you to try out new studios and gyms for a lower cost. Just about the same time that I moved back to Cincinnati, ClassPass launched here (they must have known).


So how does it work? Studios open up a limited number of spaces for ClassPass to fill. Each studio costs between 4-10 credits, depending on the demand of the studio and the class time. For instance, it will cost more credits to take class at 5:30pm on a weekday than it will to take the same class at 9:30am.


$35 a month gets you 20 credits, or 3-5 classes.

$50 a month gets you 30 credits, or 5-7 classes.

$100 a month gets you 60 credits, or 10-15 classes.



Their booking app makes it extremely simple to find a class that fits you. You can drill down based on location, date, time, activities, amenities, and studios. You can even follow your friends and see their schedule, making it super cinchy to sweat together. My friend Jackie and I used to stalk each other’s schedules and show up in class next to one another on the reg.


Just recently, they launched their ClassPass LIVE streaming service, which brings HIIT classes from top instructors across the country to the comforts of your living room, hotel, or at home gym. They are currently offering this streaming service complimentary to all users.


What has been my favorite feature as of lately is the ability to “flex” to other cities. Meaning, if you are traveling to say Chicago, New York, Dallas, etc., you can change locations and book classes in whatever city you are in. Game changer.


There are dozens of Cincinnati studios who are on ClassPass, such as Modo Yoga, It’s Working Out, Benefit Studio, CoreStrong, Cyclebar, The LB, Power RydeCarter Fitness, The Barre Code, 12th Street Pilates, Jazzercise and Title Boxing Club in Loveland + Liberty Township. Whether you are looking to branch out and try something new in hopes of finding a new studio to call home, want to add some variety to your regimen, or are curious about the streaming service, I highly recommend giving it a try. They usually always have a new member special (right now, they are offering a one week free trial).


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