What is it about working out in a renovated warehouse that feels so badass? It’s like I walk in and instantly feel like my muscle mass increases. Typically, a workout out in a warehouse makes my mind shoot to crossfit, bodybuilding, and the like. So when I walked into CoreStrong Fitness in Covington, I was shocked at how posh it was. Yes, I said posh. This giant 9,500 sq ft space has a barre studio, an area for focused weight lifting, a boxing area, an open turf with all the fun toys (read: sleds, battle ropes, rowers, bikes, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, etc.) and a super cool office off to the side where the owner gets shit done.



What makes this space even more badass? It’s the creation of one power house female, Stephanie Tieman.


Stephanie has been at the fitness game for over 17 years. 4 years ago, she decided to jump in head first and open up her dream facility. She’s more than qualified, with degrees in both Business and Exercise Science, and licensing in Indo-Row, Shockwave, Boot Camp, YogaFit, Barre and TRX. She is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Metabolic Specialist, and a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Phew. Did you get all of that? 


Located in Covington, Stephanie somehow managed to create a warm, inviting atmosphere out of a warehouse. You walk in and want to stay a while (despite the scary toys staring at you.)



I could go on and on about each and every service that CoreStrong has to offer, but I think what stands out the most, what is really noteworthy, is the feeling of acceptance that Stephanie and her space exude. I rarely, if ever, will make the statement that there is a fitness facility that is “one size fits all”. But I think Stephanie managed to create it. The options at CoreStrong are endless. You can train one-on-one, with a group, take a wide array of group fitness class, enroll in a nutrition/fitness coaching program…  she even has a chiropractor and massage therapist on call for her clients. Because of these options, I truly believe CoreStrong has something for everyone and you can truly create a customized approach based on your needs and goals.


As mentioned above, Stephanie’s training goes beyond fitness. She can also work with you on improving your diet and nutrition, and will sit down with you (in her super cool office) to chat about what you are struggling with, and how to improve your nutrition. If your goal is to lose weight, she offers CORR Metabolic Testing, which determines how efficiently your body burns fat for energy, your aerobic threshold, and your VO2 max (which indicates aerobic endurance). Metabolic testing identifies your strengths and areas for growth, which helps determine the most effective exercise for your body.


I think that looking at fitness and nutrition together is huge because so often folks think (myself included) that if they work out, they can have more of a lenient (read: eat and drink whatever the hell you want) diet. Not true, y’all. Stephanie takes her client relationships a step further by addressing what happens to you once you leave the gym that might be curbing your results, and can help coach you on your overall health.



I took Stephanie’s 6:30am CoreCardio class, which was 45 minutes of nonstop heart pumping work. After a group warm up, Stephanie broke us up into 2 teams, gave us a quick rundown of the circuit we were about to do, and put us to work. 200 calories on the rower, weighted squats on the bosu ball, a quick run outside to the park and back, and some kettle bell dead lifts, followed by sled pushes, squats with a med ball throw, 15 calories on the assault bike, and mountain climbers using sliders. Steph threw me on the all men’s team… and we lost. #girlpower. The class flew by, and it was efficient as hell, which I love. No sitting around waiting for the other person to finish, no awkward stops to explain what came next. And the class was a diverse population, all at completely different stages in their fitness journey. Because of the format of the class (group class with individual exercises taken at your own speed), it was a good fit for all in attendance.


Every day, these classes rotate formats between CoreCardio and CoreStrength, with the weekends being combo classes, so you could realistically come every day at the same time and not overexert yourself in one area.



Interested in trying out a class? Here’s the schedule. Want to sit down one on one with Stephanie to discuss your goals and see if CoreStrong is a good fit? Reach her by phone at 513-515-0581 or send her an email. Want to just pop in to see what it’s all about? Find CoreStrong at 812 Russell St. in Covington, KY.

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