Picture this. It’s a Thursday morning at 6am and you’re on a downtown rooftop. It’s almost daybreak, and you are on your yoga mat looking out over the river, the dew settling onto the surface around you. You have headphones on that are giving off sounds of a waterfall and faint, ethereal music. The only voice that you hear is the soft tone of the yoga instructor guiding you through your practice as the sun slowly rises.


If you’re on Instagram and follow anyone in the fitness community, you’ve heard of this latest fitness craze to sweep Cincinnati. From DEFINE, to CycleBar, to Inner Fire Fitness and Dance Factory Fitness, they are partnering with studios and instructors across town to deliver a unique experience that is, frankly, hard to explain and something you just need to…. experience.


I’m talking about Sound Off Cincinnati.


Sound Off Cincinnati provides wireless audio solutions for special events. Their noise-isolating, LED headsets make amplified sound audible to each attendee while eliminating external distractions. Attendees have complete control over their experience as they can adjust the volume to their own perfect level.


Jennifer Lynn is the gal who sought out this technology and brought it to us here in the Nati (mad props, sister). While visiting a friend in California, she attended her first Sound Off event and fell in love. Being the owner of Fit Philosophie in Northern Kentucky and a former music teacher, she felt like this was exactly what was missing from the Cincinnati fitness community, and from her own practice.


Flash forward to now, Jennifer has 40 headsets that she brings with her across town to various locations and partners with Cincinnati’s top instructors to make each experience unique. She has hosted pop ups at the 21c Museum Hotel, the AC Upper Deck, which is the rooftop at the AC Hotel (the experience referenced above), and the rooftop at the LB, to name a few. She also hosts yoga for children at places such as the Red Balloon Cafe + Play, teaching them how to be fully engaged without noisy distractions, and empowering them through yoga.


To make the experience even sweeter, Jen partners with international giving organization, B1G1 Business for Good, and every Sound Off Cincinnati event ticket sold provides a day of educational support to a hearing impaired child.



The class that Mer and I took was with yoga instructor Lindsey Armor of Inner Fire Fitness. Held at 6am on the rooftop of the AC Hotel at The Banks, it was a hell of a way to start off a Thursday. Despite taking class with 20 others, I felt like I was in a trance and that it was just me, my mat, and Lindsey’s guiding voice. I have also never been able to hold crow pose so long. I’m definitely thanking the headsets for that. 



To experience Sound Off Cincinnati yourself, visit their website, or Facebook page for a list of upcoming events.


Use code CSOB for $5 off the Wanderlust Kickoff Yoga + Meditation Event on October 5th! Purchase tickets here.  

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