You Are What You Eat, So Don't Be Fake: Kate's Plate

It’s no secret that I don’t love to cook. It’s not so much the act of cooking itself that I dislike, but more so the food preparation and the cleanup processes that deter me.  In addition, the internet is a never-ending cookbook. This should make things easier, but instead, oftentimes it overwhelms me, especially if there are ingredients listed that I don’t recognize. If I don’t know where to find it at Kroger, I’m a pretty hard pass. Luckily, my new hubby loves to cook healthy grub (thank you Lord baby Jesus). But, when left to my own devices, despite having the knowledge and ability to cook healthy meals, I often find myself grabbing something on the go. Call it business, call it laziness, call it convenience. In fact, call it what you want, because I know I’m not alone. Kate Kennard, a local physician, personal trainer, mom, and preventative health guru agrees with me.


Kate graduated from medical school disappointed with our society’s lack of focus on prevention–especially in the world of Western medicine. She branched out into personal training and began helping clients across the globe while traveling with her husband, a professional baseball player. She started to see a trend. Even her clients who wanted to eat healthy, and knew the general rules of eating healthy, weren’t actually cooking healthy meals. Kate decided to intervene. Once settled down in Dayton, she opened Kate’s Plate. For contextual purposes, Kate’s Plate might be described as a local Blue Apron. I tried Kate’s Plate a few weeks ago. I’ve tried also tried Blue Apron and similar large box companies in the past. Here’s why I like Kate’s Plate better:


1. Kate’s Plate uses all local vendors. I probably don’t have to explain this to you, but local is better for our ecosystem, our local economy, and our health. And, local produce often tastes better because it’s fresher. Who wouldn’t rather bite into a peach that was picked 2 days ago down the street as opposed to a peach picked 2 weeks ago and then shipped thousands of miles?


2. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. One of my major qualms with prepared food delivery companies is the waste. I once used Blue Apron and felt like I was killing a whole tree with just one delivery. Kate recognizes this and asks all her recurring customers to reuse the packaging.  All customers have to do is place their delivery box, ice packs, and cold foil liner on their doorstep the day of their next delivery. 90% of Kate’s customers participate in the ReUse program.


3. It’s a family owned business started by a local female entrepreneur.  Need I say more?


4. The meals are created by a physician (all by Kate).


The process is simple. You choose your meals and portions (2 or 4) online. I thought the portion sizes were great. Ryan did most days except one evening after an unusually hard workout. So, if you’re training for something, or are highly active, you might want to up the portion sizes. All the meals are hand delivered on Monday and left on your doorstep. I got a text reminder the day before which was super helpful. If you’re running around most days like a crazy person like me, don’t fret about racing home. Each package is filled with enough ice to keep the food cold all day. The individual meals came in a recyclable box with clear labeling. We got four meals, 2 portion sizes each. The boxes fit easily in our fridge, and the recipe cards were super easy to follow. I even made one.  Our favorite recipe was the steak fajitas. The marinade was amazing. Like really good. Even Ryan, who finds cooking cathartic (opposites attract, right?) found it nice to have vegetables chopped for him, and sauces already made.


Right now, Kate’s Plate delivers in Dayton and the Greater Cincinnati Area. The company is always searching for local vendors to partner with, so if you are one or know of one, reach out. In summation, if you’re going to do a meal delivery service, I encourage you to choose local and support Kate’s Plate. Your body (especially your taste buds) will thank you.

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