One of our favorite spots to hit up for dinner after a tough Market Muscles workout is Over The Rhine. With new restaurants popping up nearly every week, it’s practically impossible to keep track of them all. There are definietly more than a few options for indlugence, but there are also spot that offer healthy fare as well. Here are a few of our favorites. 




A few weeks ago, I was in down OTR with my family and we were hoping to get a seat at our favorite taco place: Bakersfield. It was around 7 pm – prime dining time – and unsurprisingly, there was a two-hour wait. We were so tired and hungry that we started walking back down Vine Street toward our cars, thinking of faster carry-out options to grab on our way home. On our walk, we ran into some friends who had just finished eating at Panino, a restaurant that they claimed to be “a hidden gem.” We decided to try it out ourselves…and we were NOT disappointed!



Panino’s atmosphere is very casual, comfortable, and friendly. It is a family owned and everything is made in house – including their Ranch and ketchup. The meats are all cured on site and the ingredients are super fresh. All of their vegetables and eggs are from farmers they know. Panino is a farm-to-table restaurant, meaning that practically all of their ingredients came straight from their primary and most natural source.



I ordered one the Asparagus Salad, one of their specials. The salad had mixed greens, asparagus, grilled chicken, tomatoes, cherries, and vinaigrette dressing. It was DELICIOUS! It was filling and the perfect portion size. My dad ordered their Smoked Salmon + Pesto Pasta which had summer squash and garden pesto — also incredible! As a starter to share, we ordered the Smoked Salmon + Avocado Toast which totally topped any avocado toast that I’ve ever had (which is saying a lot considering that’s my go-to breakfast/lunch option).


All in all, Panino is simple and delicious. This experience proved to my family that sometimes we need to be experimental and try new restaurants rather than sticking to our usual “go-to’s”.




While Maplewood may not be a hidden gem like Panino (which we don’t think will be the case for long), it is popular for a reason. For anyone who hasn’t tried it yet- GO! Do not be intimidated by the long line (a constant). They know how to make the line move quickly.



Maplewood Kitchen and Bar is located on 525 Race Street in OTR (there is also a new location in Deerfield). This west-coast style restaurant has healthy options for both brunch and dinner. The amount of delicious options Maplewood provides is endless. Anything you are craving for brunch, Maplewood has it. From cold pressed juices, toast, eggs, omelets, grain bowls, sandwiches, pancakes, and bacon (some of the best bacon I’ve ever had), Maplewood makes a delicious and healthy version of it. My go-to order is the stellar beets toast and the house orange juice. The toast contains whipped goat cheese, beets, strawberries, balsamic and basil. To answer the question I know all of my fellow coffee addicts are wondering, yes, the coffee is also amazing.



After you all thought that Maplewood couldn’t be better, wait until I tell you all about the dinner menu. No one loves Maplewood more than my sister and fitness inspiration, Margo. When I asked her what her favorite meal at Maplewood was, she said “My favorite is the green goddess salad + salmon. You can’t go wrong in the Summer with a light salad. With this one, you get all of your veggies, and then the salmon brings in healthy protein and omega-3s.” With plenty of options for everyone, Maplewood provides a delicious, guilt-free meal. Aren’t in the mood for a salad? No problem! Maplewood has salmon, chicken, burgers, veggie burgers, and other sandwiches to satisfy your craving. Maplewood has healthy options to fit any person, any time of the day, and any healthy lifestyle. 


What spot should we check out next? 

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