I want to preface this post by confessing that I’m one of those people who reads my horoscope…. and actually believes it. Now, I don’t totally LIVE by it, but I do take what it says into account when I head out into the world that day/week/month.


That said, since I’m a Cancer, it makes perfect sense that July is by far my favorite month of the year. But I don’t believe this is just the case because it’s my sign’s moon. I truly believe that people are at their happiest during the month of July. Here’s why.




  1. Warm weather. Even the coldest, gloomiest parts of the country are at their warmest and sunniest during the month of July (helloooo, Northern Michigan!) It’s no surprise that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects only 1.4% in Florida and a whopping 9.9% in Alaska. When it’s warm out, people are more active, whole, natural foods are plentiful, your body is capitalizing on Vitamin D from the sun, and, studies have shown that sunshine may directly stimulate the production of serotonin through the skin. 

  2. Vacation! Summer break is in full swing and families are packing up their suitcases to travel to vacation destinations near and far. I’ve personally always fantasized about driving cross country and using the RoadTrippers travel planning platform  to find unique stops along the way. There are also so many drivable weekend trips you can take from Cincinnati. A few of my favorites are Hocking Hills, Yellow Springs, and Hueston Woods.  

  3. Festival season. Street festivals, Church festivals, and Music Festivals alike are flourishing in July. With so much going on, the worst part is trying to map out your weekends appropriately. 

  4. Outdoor workouts! If you’ve visited the CSOB calendar recently, there is no shortage of outdoor workouts to attend daily. Not only is it great to get outside and breathe the fresh air, these pop up workouts are great for community building and meeting new people.

  5. Farmers markets: Produce is a plenty, and there is no excuse to not eat healthy in July (which also makes you feel healthier and happier). Bonus feels for supporting your local farmers.


With one week left in this amazing month, I challenge you to get outside, enjoy the warm weather, sunshine, and activities. Tag us in your social media posts so that we can see what y’all are up to!



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