I love a good wide-open, spacious gym. You know, when you walk in and the ceilings are tall, music is bumping, and there are just a handful of people getting after it. It’s like showing up to the playground when you were a kid to find that the slide and monkey bars were all yours. Talk about pure bliss.


This is kind of how I felt when I walked into Cincy 360 Fitness on Eastern Ave. in Columbia Tusculum. Nestled in a historical, newly renovated space, the aesthetics alone had me stoked to see what this place was all about.


We found out about Cincy 360 Fitness from Whitney Mueller, co-founder of Fuel The Sole. She recently came on as a personal trainer under Josh Garrett, owner and head trainer. They are two of the 6 trainers that make up Cincy 360 Fitness. I sat down with Whitney and Josh to learn more about what makes their gym different, and what someone looking for a personal trainer would want to know about their facility.


Overall, if I had three words to describe the experience you receive by working out with the trainers at 360 Fitness, it would be individualized, comprehensive, and accountable. Here’s why.


Every program is individualized and custom built for you.


Your initial consultation consists of you sitting down with Josh to understand your health and fitness history, your current wellness, and your long term goals. He runs you through an hour long fitness assessment, where he studies simple movements you make such as squatting, lunging, even your breathing, and reviews your nutrition. He also puts you on this amazing machine called the InBody that analyzes your body composition, muscle-fat, visceral fat levels, and more (super interesting, but also eye opening to how “fit” you truly are).


Once he has an idea of where you stand at this point in time, he asks more poignant questions about what brought you in, and what you are hoping to achieve throughout your training process.  From there, he matches you with the appropriate trainer, and they begin to build a customized, comprehensive program.


Their custom programs are focused on comprehensive health.


Training at 360 Fitness is more than just a one hour commitment a few times a week. Each program that they develop contains 5 pillars: sleep, recovery, nutrition, strength, and cardio. Sounds intense, but again, everything is tailored to your specific goals. If your goal is to lose 100 lbs, you should expect a program that is more strict and rigid in structure. But if your goal is to improve your overall health, the program they develop for you will be more fluid and flexible.


Lastly, they hold you accountable.


Not in a scary way like by screaming at you for showing up 5 minutes late (speaking from experience, there are very few worse feelings). More like they help you track progress and set attainable goals to keep you motivated. The gym walls are full of goals that clients are working towards, goals that have been achieved and are now celebrated, and progress charts. It’s clear that there is a tight knit, supportive community down on Eastern Ave. If you are one that loves a good success story, check out the numerous client testimonials.


Understanding that one on one (or two on one) personal training isn’t for everyone, they also offer a group fitness class, The Cincy Circuit, and added weekly yoga sessions that can be attended by anyone. We recommend checking out a class first if you are curious in the space and overall vibe of the gym- first class is always free! If you are interested in learning more about their personal training, we recommend reaching out to Whitney or Josh to set up a free consultation. If anything, it’s a great learning experience, as you get a holistic snapshot of your health.

If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation, email Josh, or call 513-271-1729.

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