We heard about Ashley Jones months before we got the chance to meet her in person. We end each of our interviews with the same questions, “who else do we need to know? who else should we feature?” Almost everyone mentioned Ashley. We slid into her DM, became fast Instagram friends, and started following along with her impressive feats. 


We took the friendship offline at one of her bootcamp classes at Inner Fire Fitness (a beautiful downtown, boutique fitness studio). Let’s just say Ashley lived up to the hype. She’s a petite ball of muscle and energetic fire. I would not want to be in a race with her, a fight with her, or basically any situation where I was up against her physical abilities. 




Her bootcamp class is a combo of treadmill work and weights. During class, she was constantly pushing us to go just a little harder with such positivity that I actually enjoyed pushing my limits. Aka sweating my butt off. 




Not only is Ashley a fitness instructor, but she’s a Lululemon ambassador, a competitive bodybuilder, a certified personal trainer, and most recently an American Ninja Warrior Competitor. Have you seen that show? It’s insane what those people can do. Really. You can find her on Season 10. 


Fitness was instilled in Ashley’s life at a very young age. She started out as a dancer taking ballet, jazz, and tap classes, and eventually found her true love as a competitive gymnast. In college, she majored in Kinesiology and went on to receive a Master’s in Kinesiology at UK.  She then became an ACE certified personal trainer. Soon after she started teaching group fitness classes while also entering the world of competitive bodybuilding. 




Ashely told us, “the LOVE I have for fitness continuously grows as I help others break through their wall of self-proclaimed misconceptions of their goals.” She enjoys witnessing individuals turning their goals into reality. Or as she says, “turning I can’t into I did.” 


When not at Inner Fire you can find Ashley dining at her favorite healthy breakfast and brunch spot Sleepy Bee Cafe. Not surprisingly, Ashley’s personal workouts tend to focus on heavy lifting. She loves the sense of strength that comes from weight workouts. 




Perhaps that’s the word that really describes Ashley best, “strong.” And I’m not just talking about her muscular strength (which as I already stated is impressive), but also her vigor, her tenacity. She’s all about girl power and empowering women (especially) to thrive. This bleeds through into her social media presence and her classes. Honestly, if you go to her class and aren’t inspired, get your pulse checked. 


If you’re looking for a kickass, sweaty, high-intensity bootcamp this girl is for you. Side note: don’t worry if you’re not a runner, Ashley modifies the treadmill portions to walkers, and while she’ll push you she’s all about respecting your body and personal limits. Let us know what you think of Ashley’s class, and follow along with her Instagram accounts to track her bodybuilding career. 

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