It’s summertime, which means time for sunshine, friends, and (of course) food! Lucky for us Cincinnatians, there are seemingly endless dining options throughout the whole city. It seems as if each week a new restaurant pops up, lengthening our lists of “Restaurants to Try”. For many of us, summer is also the perfect time to get back on track with our health and fitness goals. With Skyline Chili and Graeters on every corner, it can be tricky finding healthy spots around the city. That’s why we (Anna and Erin, the CSOB Interns) be writing weekly features on healthy dining options in Cincinnati this summer. We’re starting with our two favorite restaurants located in Hyde Park.




My personal favorite is E+O Kitchen, located at 3520 Edwards Road. E+O is a tropical-themed restaurant that offers Asian food with a Latin twist. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and is the perfect place for brunch, lunch, and dinner.



The first time my mom went to E+O, she had their infamous brussels sprout salad and raved about it for weeks! When I finally decided it was time to give this salad a try (even though I’m not a huge fan of brussel sprouts), my mom and I went together. We split two signature sushi rolls and the brussels sprout salad, and let me just say that I have been raving about it ever since! In addition to brussel sprouts, the salad has kale, chiles, carrot, cabbage, and shrimp.



While I have remained loyal to the brussels sprout salad as my mainstay, other dishes that I have tried include the fish tacos (delicious!) and the ahi tuna poke bowl (AMAZING!!). All of the ingredients are super fresh, and the dishes are both healthy and filling. It is a great place to split a variety of dishes, or (if you’re like me) just stick to the brussel sprout salad – you will not be disappointed.




I don’t know if any of you can relate, but I am absolutely obsessed with hummus. I eat hummus every day, if not multiple times a day. That is why Aladdin’s Eatery, located on 3664 Edwards Road, is my go-to Mediterranean stop. I highly suggest starting off your meal with some of their delicious hummus and pita bread (Pro tip: ask for garlic sauce and hot sauce on the side!!).



For a healthier option, you can also sub the pita bread for an assortment of veggies to dip in the hummus. From there, you really can’t go wrong. Their salads, rolled pitas, and pitzas (pizzas made with pita bread!) are all amazing. My favorite pitza is the chicken curry pitza (so good).



There are numerous vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan options on the menu. Being healthy does not compromise the taste of any of the dishes at Aladdin’s. Another great part about Aladdin’s is that there are numerous locations along with the one in Hyde Park including OTR and West Chester. Aladdin’s Eatery is by far one of my, and my family’s, favorite healthy restaurants in Hyde Park. Check it out for the best hummus around (Don’t be alarmed if you see me eating hummus with a spoon in the corner).​





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